JayQ the Legend, hip hop artist, delays flight with complaint of sick passenger

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The artist encourages new policies for airlines to protect healthy passengers

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) March 11th, 2020

On a recent flight, musical artist JayQ The Legend stepped up to defend the health and well-being of fellow passengers on his flight by requesting that the flight attendant ask a sick passenger, coughing and sneezing without covering his mouth, to be more mindful of others.

Simultaneously, BreakOut Music CEO Miriam Bavly was on another flight discussing her concerns with flight attendants of another airline. Having caught the flu from a sick passenger a few weeks earlier, she learned that the airline has no policy to protect healthy passengers. While the airline in question is doubling up on cleaning the airplanes, they stated that they cannot discriminate against sick passengers, no matter how sick they are. The flight attendants themselves are not allowed to wear gloves, except to pick up trash.

BreakOut Music is starting a campaign “3C’s of Coronovirus – Cover Your Cough with Clothing.” Through this campaign, they are encouraging people to be proactive and care for the community. They are especially encouraging airlines to take more action to protect healthy patients and empower sick passengers to be respectful. The campaign is led by JayQ himself, a trial lawyer and former marine, and Bavly, who has a masters in science degree in public health from Harvard University and many years working in healthcare. Here are some of the suggestions they offer:

1)  Flight attendants, in their announcements, should include etiquette for passengers to keep planes as safe as possible.

2) Offer Purell or anti-bacterial wipes for everyone getting on planes.

3) Bathrooms should be disinfected regularly during flights, and anti-bacterial wipes should be readily available in the bathrooms.

3) Masks can be offered to passengers, suggesting if you are not feeling 100%, you are welcome to wear one.

You can watch their video on YouTube, where they specifically outline the problem, as well as solutions to the problem. People need to be proactive and care for their community. BreakOut Music: “We can’t expect that virally ill people aren’t going to get on a flight, but both passengers and airlines can do much more to keep everyone healthy.”

About JayQ The Legend

JayQ The Legend is signed with the record label BreakOut Music and is also an executive with the company. JayQ recently released his music video for his single “It Could Be You,” shot on a yacht in the French Riviera. No matter where he is, JayQ The Legend never stops creating and living his best life. Check out his music on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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