JC And Karen Hite, The Hites, Help Digital Marketing Agency Owners Scale With Stability and Purpose

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JC and Karen Hite are a power couple with a passion for helping businesses grow. As the owners and founders of Hite, they have made it their mission to assist digital marketing agency owners in scaling their businesses with stability and purpose.

Frisco, TX (PRUnderground) March 1st, 2023

JC and Karen Hite started their journey by founding Hite Digital, a digital marketing agency, in 2018. In just under 4 years they became one of the fastest growing agencies in the U.S. with over 25 locations nationwide.

The Hites understand that the journey of a business owner is far from linear and filled with challenges along the way. They have developed various forms to help agency owners with different needs.

Seeing the necessity for an event that offers value and isn’t just filled with pitch selling, they created The Commitment Summit, a once-a-year conference in Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica.

TCS has industry-leading speakers such as John Maxwell, Jesse Itzler, Kevin Harrington, and more. Its purpose is to have an event where agency owners in different stages of their careers can come together and learn from the speakers and one another.

JC and Karen understand how important it is to have meaningful connections amongst like-minded people, and that’s why they also created Master Hackers, a community for agency owners alike to connect and grow.

Master Hackers meet in person in their quarterly Masterminds, where they can hear from each other, connect, learn, and ultimately grow together. JC and Karen believe that success isn’t achieved alone, so they have gone above and beyond to create opportunities for agency owners to join forces.

As the Owners of Hite, they quickly realized how important it is to have a source of knowledge they can look to for help. Their Digital Agency Hacker book offers a way to help entrepreneurs learn about digital marketing, business growth, and scaling.

JC and Karen understand the struggles of running a business but also the immense potential for growth that comes with it. That’s why they have committed to helping digital marketing agency owners succeed and reach their fullest potential.

Their mission is to show digital marketing agency owners the possibilities of what their business can achieve with the right tools in place. You can learn more about The Hites, The Commitment Summit, The Digital Agency Hacker book, and more on their website:


About The Hites

Setting the right core functions can make a difference when it comes to a successful agency. Growing and scaling sustainably is what we are all looking for when we go into business. We don’t want to be a one-hit wonder; we want to build something that will last. We can help you achieve those goals by providing you with the tools and support you need to succeed.

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