JDR Metal Art Offers 26 Fully Customizable Ranch Style Gate Designs on Website

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Quality constructed all-metal gates can be personalized to suit residential and commercial applications

Columbus, OH (PRUnderground) September 21st, 2022

A small family-owned business in Columbus, Ohio, has made an impact on hundreds of businesses and homeowners around the world. The name of the company is JDR Metal Art, and their team specializes in custom plasma cut metal gates.

When homeowners and business owners are in search of a new driveway gate, they commonly turn to big box home improvement stores only to be met with disappointment. The quality of driveway gates available through these types of stores tend to lack in quality, featuring thin metal or plastic with cheap hinges and other components that are less than durable for reliable long-term use. In addition to being made without durability in mind, these gates tend to be lackluster in aesthetic appeal.

Justin Rose, founder of JDR Metal Art, grew up on a horse farm, in close proximity to the near-constant metal work needing to be done and eventually growing up to master the craft himself. Today, Rose is an award winning welder and metal fabricator whose specialty is plasma cut metal art. Through this medium, Rose intertwines metal artistry, forging, and craftsmanship into the custom metal gates available through JDR Metal Art.

“Gates are simply a part of my DNA,” said Rose. “My parents were both professional horse trainers and gates naturally come with the territory of being raised on a horse farm. Some of my earliest memories involve metal working, whether it was a welder repairing our broken farm gates, or our blacksmith coming out to the farm and custom fitting horse shoes on his forge once a week. I have always been filled with a sense of wonder and amazement when it comes to anything involving red hot metal. I love being able to continue in the footsteps of those who came before me, as well as being able to create things that have never been made before.”

Needless to say, Rose is well aware of what a driveway gate needs in order to be durable. For instance, American made metal and hardy hinges and posts are things that Rose considers to be a staple for any proper driveway gate. Thus far, his clients have been enthralled with the exceptional quality and attention to detail they’ve found with JDR Metal Art. The company has sold hundreds of steel and aluminum gates to customers around the world and in more than 30 states. Some of these customers have included ranchers, United Way, adventure parks, schools, and corporations.

Now, JDR Metal Art has announced a full gallery on their website that includes the intricate designs of 26 ranch style driveway gate designs they currently offer. Anyone who is considering a high quality driveway gate from JDR Metal Art and would like to see the difference between what they offer and what others might offer can visit the JDR Metal Art website to view more than two dozen stunning driveway gate designs. Each of these designs have been forged by Rose and his team and are exclusive to JDR Metal Art. They cannot be found anywhere else.

“We build driveway gates that are every bit as unique as our customers are,” said Rose.

The 26 driveway gate designs include traditional and ranch style driveway gates in a multitude of options. The newly published gallery makes it easier than ever for customers of JDR Metal Art to choose the design they want. Once they’ve chosen from the many designs available, customers can request that their design be personalized. All driveway gates from JDR Metal Art can be customized in a variety of ways to suit the preferences of the customer. Each and every driveway gate from JDR Metal Art is made with plasma cut metal and is highly detailed unlike the general purpose big box options on the market today. Each gate’s construction features premium quality steel and aluminum stamped “made in USA”.

Rose and the team at JDR Metal Art are proud to be an American based business leveraging U.S.-made metals and offering an end product that is truly American made with the height of craftsmanship in mind.

In contrast to the flimsy materials that can be found on some other driveway gate options, JDR Metal Art gates feature thick steel and aluminum metals. For instance, their steel driveway gates offer a minimum of 1/8” thickness for all construction, while their aluminum driveway gates feature a minimum of 3/16” thickness. When it comes to the load bearing components, all JDR Metal Art driveway gates feature hinge rails and posts with at least 3/16” thickness. Turning to their driveway gate posts, which are also crucial for the longevity of the gate, JDR Metal Art offers a standard 4×4” square tubing with 1/4” wall thickness. In addition, their team offers 6×6” and 8×8” square tubing for driveway gate posts upon request.

At JDR Metal Art, quality is always the primary objective, and as part of this mission, the company makes all of their own driveway gate hinges. These hinges are a marvel in and of themselves, featuring a free sealed bearing that never needs to be greased. Each hinge offers an impressive load rating of 2000 pounds.

It’s clear that Rose and his team are committed to providing the very best products and services in terms of both impressive artistry and durable craftsmanship. This is evident in the impeccable attention to detail they provide in the creation of each and every aluminum or steel ranch style driveway gate they fabricate. Not only are they committed to quality in creating new gates, but the team is also making strides in the area of eco-friendliness. One way they have accomplished this is in the final coating of their gates.

Many driveway gates are simply painted, but paints tend to release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that yield a negative impact on the environment. JDR Metal Art’s team stands out from the competition because instead of painting their gates, they actually powder coat them. This is a much more eco-friendly approach to achieving the desired coloring of the driveway gate being made. While this color is typically black, JDR Metal Art is able to offer powder coating in a variety of colors. Before this final powder coating is applied, however, the staff at JDR Metal Art applies a zinc rich primer. This special primer is applied to help reduce corrosion over time. After this primer is applied, the powder coating goes on to yield the final, finished driveway gate.

Rose and his team at JDR Metal Art are proud to have worked with so many clients around the world and continue to work towards making their website a go-to resource for prospective clients and existing clients alike. Through the website, anyone can request a quote, request design assistance, or choose from one of the 26 designs already posted on the site. Getting started with a design entails of going online for a free quote. Then, a $500 deposit is accepted and the design stage begins. Every bit of the gate can be custom designed, right down to the font used. JDR Metal Art offers an online listing of commonly used fonts.

The design stage can take a few weeks but ensures that clients get the exact driveway gate they’ve envisioned, complete with their personalized details, and JDR Metal Art offers revisions to help make this process a success.

In the fabrication and finishing stage, a half down deposit is accepted and the metal fabrication stage begins. This phase can take 4-6 weeks, and clients receive detailed photographs of their metal driveway gate throughout the process. After this stage is complete, the zinc coating and powder coating stage begins to finish out the gate.

Many clients wonder how they can order a custom driveway gate from across the country or around the world, but JDR Metal Art truly makes it a seamless process. Their team even offers nationwide shipping that is backed by insurance. Clients can choose to pick up their gate at a local UPS or FEDEX, have it shipped to a contractor for the work to be completed, or have it shipped directly to their residence.

JDR Metal Art is excited to launch their online gallery, which is already making it easier than ever for clients to gather ideas and choose the perfect design for their driveway gate  application. Prospective clients can visit the online ranch style driveway gate gallery to see exactly what Rose and his team can create for them. More information is can be found at https://custom-driveway-gates.com/traditional-ranch-security-gates/.

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JDR Metal Art was founded in 2004 by award winning welder and metal fabricator Justin Rose. To date, JDR Metal Art has installed custom metal gates in 30+ states and internationally.

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