Jerome Myers Announces Full-Day Coaching Opportunity for Small Business Owners

Industry: Real Estate

Small business consulting expert Jerome Myers introduces a full-day, one-on-one coaching experience to help small business owners overcome the hurdles preventing them from growing and expanding their companies.

Greensboro, NC (PRUnderground) January 9th, 2023

Serial entrepreneur and investor Jerome Myers chose to take the path less traveled when he left his career in corporate America to pursue his dreams as a real estate investor. This move, which Myers refers to as “taking the red pill,” is a daring move that keeps many entrepreneurs and small business owners from achieving their full potential. Myers strives to inspire others to take this critical step through his masterminds, podcasts, and coaching. In January and February, Myers is offering a unique opportunity called The Red Pill Accelerator, where small business owners will spend an entire day learning one-on-one from Myers how to grow their business.

Like many business professionals, Myers started his career working for a large corporation. However, he quickly realized that he wanted more control over his destiny and decided to go out on his own. Only through leaving his job to pursue his dreams did Myers learn firsthand what it takes to build and grow a successful business. His experiences have given him the skills and knowledge to be a top coach for financial advisors and others whose personal and business progress feels stagnant.

“Small business owners face unique challenges as they grow their business,” remarked Myers. “They know where they are and where they want to be, but often the path between those two points is unclear. That uncertainty can halt their growth and frustrate their progress. My goal is to help them create the strategy that will take them from where they are to where they want to go and give them the support they need to have the courage to start taking those steps.”

Participants signing up for The Red Pill Accelerator will spend an entire day one-on-one with Jerome Myers discussing his secrets to success that have helped other clients achieve six-figure incomes, increase their time off, and boost their charitable giving. Myers will also share ways to implement his Model for a Centered Life to improve health and reduce stress while building new wealth and a legacy for future generations. Additional activities will include:

  • Driving Myers’ supercar
  • Participating in an episode of the DreamCatchers Podcast with Myers
  • Attending an NC A&T men’s basketball game with seats behind the home team bench

“Most people don’t realize how much potential they have,” stated Myers. “They are held back by fear of encountering problems they don’t know how to solve or their inability to trust others to take over certain aspects of their business. As a financial advisor business coach, I help them reframe their thinking about their own lives and their business path forward. Their newfound confidence in themselves grows and propels them forward towards achieving their dreams.”

Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer for DreamCatchers and The Myers Development Group, Myers built his multi-million dollar portfolio by following the investing and business principles he now shares with his clients. To find out more about coaching opportunities with Jerome Myers or to sign up for The Red Pill Accelerator, visit

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Ready for rapid attainment of goals and to experience a life of significance and impact? Jerome Myers has developed a number of programs based on the Model for a Centered Life, a/k/a The Red Pill, to help bolster confident beliefs, gain clarity on the path to success, and provide accountability to take action on goals.

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