Jerome Myers Shares Dream Realization Advice From Ryan Serhant on DreamCatchers Podcast

Industry: Real Estate

Host of DreamCatchers Podcast, Jerome Myers, welcomes real estate investor and CEO and Founder of Serhant, Ryan Serhant, to share advice on what it takes to make your dreams a reality and live up to your full potential.

Greensboro, NC (PRUnderground) June 29th, 2022

Leading multifamily investment coach Jerome Myers began his own journey towards dream realization when he left his job in corporate America. As host of the podcast, DreamCatchers, Myers offers others who chose a similar path to share their success story. With each story, Myers shares with his audience what it takes to leave the traditional approach to building wealth and make your dreams your reality. CEO and Founder of Serhant, Ryan Serhant, recently joined Myers to share his story from a struggling actor to a successful real estate investor in New York City.

Now one of the most sought-after thought leaders in the multifamily development space, Myers faced his own challenges on the path to success. After leaving his career to become a real estate investor, he discovered just how many barriers he would have to overcome. However, through this process, Myers developed The Myers Methods, an 11-week course in multifamily investing to help others navigate the landscape of multifamily investing to build first-generation wealth.

Myers said of his experiences, “I learned a lot from my own struggles and mistakes, but because I share what I went through and what I gained from those experiences, I can be a financial advisor coach and help others on the same journey. DreamCatchers provides a platform for me to help others share their inspiring stories to give others the courage they need to pursue their dreams too.”

As the Chief Inspiration Officer for DreamCatchers, Myers prides himself on inspiring others to have the courage to step out of the comfort of mediocrity and do what it takes to live their best lives. Through his podcast, he shares the experiences of individuals from all walks of life and professions. While they differ in many ways, they are united in their determination to achieve what, to some, seems impossible. With each episode, he illustrates his belief that dreams are attainable.

“The episode of DreamCatchers with Ryan Serhant was really inspiring to me,” remarked Myers, “because he is a great example of someone who decided that he wanted something better and went for it. He burned the boats to find out if he could swim. His determination to make it or break it is what truly enabled him to succeed. Like so many others I have interviewed, he decided that if someone else could do it, he could too, which really embodies the DreamCatchers message.”

In addition to being a savvy entrepreneur and inspiring leader, Myers provides independent financial advisor coaching. He has been featured in Business Insider and Entrepreneur for his expertise.

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