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Job search engine enabled a startup stage and is in search of a partner to boost its development and business scale. Various investing ways are being observed.

Ukraine, Dnipro (PRUnderground) October 4th, 2019

“ Market is changing so it’s time to change for us. From 2017 to 2018 we tested various business models and formed a new growth strategy. From job aggregator we expand to career aggregating platform with an ability to create an own content by our users. People need education courses, trainings, conferences, books and other types of educational content to build a career, not only vacancies. We managed to build a system for aggregating all kind of content and now ready for scaling and expanding our features. Project are maintained by 20 staff members but we need more professional, so we are looking for a partner who would use a share of our profit to facilitate the project’s development,” – commented CEO Andrew Dawida. is a job search engine that accommodates vacancies and resumes from different websites in one place. Due to job aggregating listing system employee is able to browse the maximal amount of vacancies available on the job market to find a suitable job fast, while hirer gets a qualified employee. was founded in 2009 for Russia and Ukraine and have been maintaining profitable B2B business for 10 years. In 2018 was already available for 35 countries around the world. According to SimilarWeb has been in TOP-7 in traffic acquisition in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus in 2018.


Also team managed to create and maintain a group of additional projects in volunteering and job market niches:,,, All projects are involved in Universal Commerce Group company.


The main idea of a new strategy is to create an eco-system on that will keep users on all stages of career building from job search to education or volunteering activity. Since most of people have this process repeated, users will periodically visit a website to find a new job, raise qualification level, improve themselves.


The main business purpose is to build a profitable international business process with content and traffic generating in such niches as job market, volunteering, freelance, education, trainings, conferences, books to monetize traffic using actual business models and monetization ways. staff managed to do a huge amount of work for realization of a new growth strategy:


1. Job aggregator has been launched for 35 countries, business model for monetization in foreign markets had been tested.

2. Feature set is created for courses, trainings, conferences aggregating, leads sales for training companies had been tested.

3. Feature set for books aggregating has been launched. Lead generation and sales for book stores had been tested.

4. Feature set of vacancy, resume, training courses and event posting has been launched. Selling service of promotion of vacancies in listing is being tested.

5. 2 international charity projects of and have been launched. Synergy with aggregator system and 2 mentioned projects are being tested.

6. Parsing technology and content team efficiency are being tested for content acquisition for every country.

7. Foreign markets growth model with using of a country manager team have been tested.


Funds will be applied for marketing and project team expand on 5 directions:

– Tech Team, to launch new sections and set a search engine system for every country;

– Content Team, for a content filling on all locations;

– Country Manager Team, for promotion organization on every market;

– SEO Team, for detailed SEO growth strategy in every country;

– Marketing Team, PR, SMM and PPC development.

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