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Joe Schwartz Spa World Reveals Top Meditub WalkinTubs Homeowner Bathroom Renovating Tips

Industry: Home & Residential

Understanding that renovations of any kind represent a daunting process, leading Miami-based bath products manufacturer lets clients in on contractor intent, remodel costs, perils of statement-making bathtubs and more.

Miami, FL (PRUnderground) October 2nd, 2019

Joe Schwartz Spa World, leading Miami-based manufacturer of bath products including Joe Schwartz walkin tubs, revealed the top things nobody tells homeowners about renovating their bathroom, an effort fueled by the fact that renovations of any kind represent a “daunting process.” In so doing, Schwartz and staff have been letting clients in on such factors as contractor intent, remodel costs, the perils of statement-making bathtubs and more.

“When it comes to the bath – a space that needs to be both serene and super-functional, practical and, ideally, a bit luxe – stakes are higher for homeowners, and we understand that,” explains Schwartz. “There are a gazillion decisions to make along the way, from grout to mirror, and the prices associated with these elements can be heart attack-inducing…which is specifically why we whipped up our roster of the top things nobody tells homeowners about renovating their bathroom.”

First and foremost on Joe Schwartz meditubs’ list is not to assume a contractor is on the same page. “What this means is, when a homeowner is working with a general contractor, he or she should spell out every part of the plan and never assume everyone is up to speed,” adds Schwartz. “It’s best to think of renovations like surgery; to avoid getting the wrong joint replaced, ensure – then make sure again and again – that the proper knee (or, in this case, bathroom) is marked and agreed upon.”

Another factor to be aware of, according to Joe Schwartz Spa World reps, is a remodel’s costs. While many homeowners believe their bathroom can be remodeled from top to bottom for a few thousand dollars, Schwartz and his staff have come to the determination that the average cost of a bathroom remodel hovers around the $11,364 mark, with basic low-grade renovations using less-expensive materials or smaller swaps running from $1,500 to $5,000 and premium-esque, tip-top renovations running up to $23,000.

When it comes to those “statement-making” bathtubs such as dramatic freestanding types, Schwartz warns homeowners about the practicality regarding such choices, explaining that it may not be the best option if one is petite, hates cleaning, owns a house that is in otherwise decrepit condition, likes to take long baths or takes more showers than baths.

Additional factors homeowners should be aware of when planning a bathroom remodel include remembering to install accessible outlets, understanding that flattering lighting requires strategic preparation, consideration of a few specific types of tile, knowing that grout could make or break a bathroom, installing a compact toilet in small spaces and not making storage an afterthought.

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