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John Kang WebMD publishes new blog to promote health awareness

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John Kang WebMD, a leading online medical information reference, is releasing a new blog post that discusses the basics of blood and hematology. The post is part of the blog's mission to provide informative materials and news about the health industry for the purpose of creating public awareness about health and medical issues.

Los Angeles, USA (PRUnderground) April 18th, 2019

In its pursuit of its objective to promote health awareness, leading online medical information reference John Kang WebMD is publishing a new blog post on the subject of blood and hematology.

John Kang WebMD underscores the importance of the study and medical examination of blood. The new blog post states that the blood test is one of the most important medical procedures for checking a person’s health, as it allows specialists to assess the chemical levels and components of the patient’s blood. Blood tests can aid in the identification of ailments, deficiencies, and other conditions affecting the blood and, in turn, the human body.

Hematology is the branch of internal medicine that primarily deals with blood, and specialists that study it are called hematologists. John Kang WebMD stresses that to be a hematologist, one must possess extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of blood, beginning with its components. Using layman’s terms, the post defines and explains the function of each of the four main components: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma.

Other than reading blood exams, hematologists also deal with clinical issues, and the treatment of blood, lymphatic system, and bone marrow diseases.

Though disciplines like hematology continue to advance, John Kang WebMD states there are people who remain unaware of medical developments and continue to rely on misconceptions. John Kang WebMD believes that with each post it releases, these myths will eventually be replaced by clinical truths. Serving to support this goal is John Kang WebMD’s ever expanding follower base.

The website has recently been experiencing an influx of web traffic, particularly to its top-ranking News and Experience pages. John Kang is both surprised and pleased with this growing support, and hopes to continue providing the blog’s readers information that will prove educational and indispensible. For more information, visit

About John Kang WebMD: 

Harvard Graduate John Kang is the owner of the John Kang WebMD blog. He was part of one of the most talked about transactions in 2000 when online medical information reference WebMD merged with Medical Manager Corporation, the most widely used physician-based software product of the time. For more information, visit

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