Jonathan Ainsley Launches “Flourishing Longevity,” Designed to Help Financial Advisors Adapt to the Changing Demands of Retirement Planning in the 21st Century

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With people living longer than expected, financial professionals must devise a new approach to retirement planning, and Jonathan Ainsley presents a solution - Longevity Advising.

Maitland, FL (PRUnderground) March 29th, 2022

The preset notions on which retirement planning has been hinged for a long time are no longer viable. Over the last decade, more and more people have lived longer than expected, heralding a revolution in the aging concept and necessitating a change in financial professionals’ approach to retirement planning and other related schemes. Longevity planning is the new concept that would equip professionals and clients with the right retirement planning ideas amidst the current revolution in aging.

On this note, leading financial expert and consultant Jonathan Ainsley is pleased to announce the launch of a 6-week blueprint program tagged “Flourishing Longevity: The New Role of the Financial Advisor,” which will help financial professionals to discover new ways to conduct retirement planning in the face of longevity concerns today. The blueprint was developed from insights gained through conversations with advisors and clients.

“In the last 15 years of being at the leading edge of change in the Financial Advisory industry, through thousands of conversations consulting with financial professionals and meeting their clients, I’ve seen the gap between what is being delivered through Retirement and Financial Planning and the true needs of clients,” explained Jonathan Ainsley. “The new paradigm is pivoting towards a Longevity Advising focus, so you are empowered with tools to help clients explore and redefine the changing dynamics and opportunities of aging over the coming decades with a focus on flourishing. I’ve taken the insights gained about Longevity Advising and turned it into a 6-week blueprint to show you exactly how to reframe your mindset on aging and powerfully shift your role as a financial professional.”

Jonathan Ainsley developed Flourishing Longevity to help financial professionals stay relevant and offer their clients more in an increasingly tech-driven, competitive world by delivering Flourishing Longevity to their clients and shifting from a generalist to an in-demand Longevity Advisor. Longevity Advising is evolving as a blue ocean opportunity in the crowded, competitive Financial Services marketplace. Financial professionals who want to engage a paradigm shift in their retirement planning enterprise will find the Flourishing Longevity course resourceful.

Speaking about the concept of Longevity Advising and the Flourishing Longevity program, a CFP with the InvestInU Longevity Advising Community had this to say, “Longevity Advising helps with differentiation because it takes the client relationship to a ‘true relationship.’ It lets the client/prospect know that we care about them and their happiness and health, not just investment performance and a printed financial plan that is out of date a day later.”

Financial professionals can transition to a brand new role that keeps up with the changing financial market without going back to school thanks to the Flourishing Longevity program. The program was created in collaboration with the Registered Investment Advisors, Merrill Lynch, Ameriprise, Raymond James, and Royal Bank of Canada, to mention a few.

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InvestInU Longevity Advising training is a six-week blueprint created by Jonathan Ainsley. The program trains professionals to meet the needs of the aging population with a new approach to financial planning.

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