Jones Law Group Protects Truck Accident Injury Victims

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We can investigate your claim, identify all liable parties, and get you the most compensation for your truck accident claim.

St. Petersburg, FL (PRUnderground) October 5th, 2022

Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed in accidents involving large trucks. In these cases, the trucking company will often offer a settlement to the victims or their survivors. However, these settlements are often much less than what the victims need in order to fully recover.

Jones Law Group is an award-winning personal injury law firm that is committed to helping the victims of truck accidents get the full compensation they need to move forward with their lives. Truck accidents can cause devastating injuries and major financial repercussions. We understand that and are here to help.

Trucking companies may be responsible for trucking accidents by failing to comply with safety regulations, overworking truck drivers, and inadequate employee education. There is also a possibility that other parties may be liable, such as the truck manufacturer, the driver, the maintenance company, and the part manufacture. Because of this, and the serious nature of the injuries, truck accident claims can get complicated.

Jones Law Group wants victims to know that after an accident, the trucking company’s insurers are not on your side, even though they appear friendly and helpful. Their job is to reduce or eliminate your compensation to keep their profits intact. Our job is to get you the most money possible.

Jones Law Group urges those who have been injured in a truck accident, or their loved ones, to reach out to an attorney before signing any agreement, as an experienced lawyer may be able to get a much more substantial settlement.

Contact Jones Law Group to learn more about your legal options if you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident. Your attorney can investigate your claim, identify all liable parties, and work to get you the money you need.

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Jones Law Group is conveniently located in the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay Area and proudly serves all of Florida in personal injury matters. We believe in working alongside our clients so they are comfortable and confident in the plan. Everything we do is guided by your best interest. We value developing lasting relationships and that’s what sets us apart. Explore our website to learn more about Jones Law Group.

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