Jordan and Larsa: Spreading the Love of RVing with HiPEAK Folding Electric Bikes

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Jordan and Larsa are willing to share their RV adventure journey through this article - with their HiPEAK folding electric bikes.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) May 2nd, 2023

Jordan and Larsa are celebrities in the Casper, Wyoming RV community. The couple is well-known for spreading their love of RVs, and many adventurers and travelers want to hear about their story. Fortunately, Jordan and Larsa are willing to share their RV adventure journey through this article – with their HiPEAK folding electric bikes!

Why they would want to do an RV trip

Jordan is a bike and travel enthusiast who lives in Casper City. His dream is to cycle around the world. In November 2020, Jordan went to his second stop of biking across the United States – Orlando, where he met another adventurer who changed his life – Larsa. Just six months later, they were together. “Larsa is beautiful, but more importantly, I was attracted to her courage to venture out alone. Through our first conversation, I knew she was the soul mate I had been looking for,” Jordan said.

“Yes, I feel we are congenial. We talked a lot when we first met, from work to family, and our respective adventure stories,” Larsa said. “About half a year later, we made plans to go to Las Vegas together. During the trip, he confessed his love for me and described his vision for future adventures. I was moved.”

During a trip to Los Angeles, Jordan and Larsa met another adventurous couple who were different in that they were traveling in an RV from Houston to Los Angeles. They had a lively conversation, and it was apparent that Jordan and Larsa were drawn to their way of life of RV travel, and decided to do the same.

What preparations were made before departure?

After ending their trip in Los Angeles and returning to Casper the next day, Jordan and Larsa couldn’t wait to start their RV plan. They began researching RV types, travel routes, and how to use the internet to work, as Jordan and Larsa’s ultimate plan was to become full-time bloggers sharing their love of RV living.

In February 2022, Jordan and Larsa purchased their first RV. Their initial plan was to buy a Class A RV, but due to budget constraints, they ended up with the Class B RV they have now. Of course, they also brought along their HiPEAK folding electric bikes. Prior to this, Jordan had bought himself a new HiPEAK BONA e-bike, and Larsa a new HiPEAK ELIAS e-bike.

“Although this Class B RV isn’t as spacious as the Class A RV we originally planned for, it’s totally enough for us. Because our HiPEAK e-bikes are foldable and don’t take up too much storage space,” Jordan said.

Shortly after, Jordan quit his job as an auto mechanic, and Larsa left the pizza shop where she had been working. They drove their RV into the sunrise, with their first destination being Orlando, where they first met.

Having better adventures with HiPeak

Riding bikes is something that both Jordan and Larsa enjoy doing, especially with the appearance of the HiPeak electric bike which has changed their lives.

Larsa worked at a pizza shop in the city center and chose to commute using the HiPEAK ELIAS electric fat tire bike to avoid traffic jams. “In fact, I prefer riding an electric bike to driving. It’s really cool, I love the feeling of the gentle breeze of nature on my face. And ELIAS never makes me late,” Larsa said. “ELIAS has 7 levels of pedal assistance. If I’m too tired from work, I’ll set the assistance level to the maximum and let it take me home. If I still have extra energy, I’ll set the assistance level to the lowest or even turn it off.”

Under Larsa’s influence, Jordan also fell in love with riding electric bicycles for adults. “I love the motor and tires of the HiPEAK folding electric bike,” Jordan said. “My HiPEAK BONA has a 750W motor and 20″ X 4″ fat tires. In addition to daily commuting and errands, it can also help me conquer many steep hills and trails, go to many places that cars cannot reach. This is also why Larsa and I are determined to bring HiPEAK on our journey.”

In every new town, HiPEAK inspired Jordan and Larsa to explore new routes. “When we reach the next campsite smoothly, Larsa and I will take out and unfold our folding electric bikes from the motorhome, then delve into the local alleys, visit the farmer’s market, or go to the city center cafe to make our travel videos,” Jordan said.

“Yes, if we didn’t have HiPEAK electric folding bikes, I think our journey would be less fun. It perfectly complements the shortcomings of the motorhome,” Larsa added.

The thrill story that happened during the trip

The journey from Casper to Orlando was not without difficulties. During the trip from Denver to Kansas, Jordan and Larsa encountered a thrilling accident. In order to reach the next campsite before dark, Jordan accelerated the speed of the RV. However, a wild deer suddenly jumped out of the roadside, causing the vehicle to lose balance and hit the side of the road. Fortunately, Jordan and Larsa were not injured, but the tire was scratched and needed to be replaced.

The problem was that although Jordan had worked as a car mechanic before, they didn’t have a spare tire on the RV, and the nearest repair shop was 25 miles away. Anxious Jordan felt somewhat helpless, but Larsa reminded him, “Why not use the HiPEAK electric fat-tire bike to go to the auto repair shop and buy a new RV tire? My HiPEAK ELIAS has a range of 60 miles and a load capacity of 350 pounds. It can definitely do the job.”

Two hours later, Jordan rode the HiPEAK electric bike to purchase a new tire and successfully replaced it.

“I still remember the accident vividly. Our RV couldn’t continue to drive due to a blown tire, and my first thought was, “Oh no, we might be stuck in this deserted place.” To be honest, I was a little panicked at the time,” Jordan said. “Fortunately, Larsa kept calm and reminded me to use the HiPEAK folding electric bike to weather the crisis.”

Spreading the love of RV trip

According to statistics, only 1% of Americans will see all 50 states in their lifetime. We want to make the most of every day and work hard to turn our dreams into reality. Although high oil prices and inflation have affected many people’s travel plans, we still hope to spread our love for RVs to more people and encourage those who have lost interest in life! Jordan and Larsa wrote in their social media.

So, take a trip on your electric bike under the spring sunshine and enjoy a completely different experience even if you revisit old places!


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