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Jordan Gendelman discusses his Golden rules for home staging a Real Estate property

Industry: Home & Residential

When marketing a property, staging is largely considered among the best and most cost-effective ways to push up the price

Palm Beach, Florida (PRUnderground) September 17th, 2018

Studies have shown that when preparing a property for sale, for every $1 spent on staging, a seller can expect to add $2 to the final sale price. According to Jordan Gendelman, a professional interior designer from Palm Beach, staging is best addressed in five steps.

“The so-called ‘five golden rules’ of staging tell us that we should start by depersonalizing a property,” he explains. While this will seem counterintuitive to some, a potential buyer needs to see themselves living in a property, not the current owner. “Remove any overly personal items which may serve as a distraction,” suggests Gendelman, who runs a successful interiors business with his brother, Bruce.

The second of the golden rules, says Gendelman, is tied closely to depersonalizing and centers around decluttering. “Maximize all available space,” he advises, “ensuring that rooms and storage spaces don’t appear overfilled, as this will make them feel small.”

Rule three, according to the interior design professional, involves cleaning. “Much like depersonalizing and decluttering, a deep clean costs nothing beyond basic cleaning supplies and is one of the most important factors in selling a home,” he explains. “Cleaning as part of home staging is almost like therapy for me.”

“Make sure floors and windows are spotless,” continues Gendelman, “and never, ever leave dirty dishes in the sink, or laundry laying around.”

Where elbow grease isn’t cutting it, a fresh lick of paint may be needed, which leads Gendelman onto golden rule number four. “Neutralize,” says the designer, “and remember that color preferences are subjective – there are whole studies on the psychology of color, and around the psychology of what works in certain situations and what doesn’t.”

“A home is more likely to sell as a blank canvas than if it has shocking pink walls or similar,” he adds. “A fresh lick of paint is also a great, generally inexpensive way to spruce up an interior, especially if existing paint finishes are beginning to look tired.”

Lastly, Gendelman touches on the fifth of the golden rules – modernize. “Here’s where every $1 spent can really add $2 to a sale price,” he suggests.

“Unless it’s a period property, look to replace any highly dated furniture or appliances, and consider swapping out cabinets, for example,” says Gendelman. “Contemporary interiors and modern conveniences are big selling points for many buyers today, so never overlook this aspect of home staging.”

“Remember,” he adds, wrapping up, “the five golden rules of home staging – depersonalize, minimize, sanitize, neutralize, and modernize.”

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