JRK Washington Highlights Safety Protocols To Ensure Tenant Safety

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Tacoma, WA (PRUnderground) July 28th, 2020

As the country reopens, more and more people are easing themselves into the “new normal” brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. And while a vaccine is currently being developed, it won’t be ready at least until next year. This means that for the immediate future, people must learn how to live alongside the virus and mitigate their risks of contracting it. JRK Washington, which operates a high-end property in North Tacoma, says that it has released guidelines to help its residents keep the novel coronavirus at bay.

This property, Boulders at Puget Sound, is a luxury apartment complex that is home to over 200 residents. The developer says that the smaller tenant number in itself helps minimize risk, as residents encounter fewer people on the premises. But JRK adds that they proactively issued guidance to further ensure people’s safety: “As we learned during this pandemic, infection is truly exponential — one person can infect so many others. By empowering our tenants with knowledge, they too can play a part in thwarting this invisible enemy.”

Residents of Boulders at Puget Sound Issued Safety Guidelines

The real estate firm says that preventing infection is a community effort, and it should begin at home. And as people begin venturing outside after months of quarantine, the developer says that observing health precautions becomes ever more important if we are to avoid the so-called second wave. As such, it recommends these safety guidelines to residents of Boulders at Puget Sound:

General Precautions

Since COVID-19 is transmitted from person to person, tenants are advised to minimize contact with others and avoid leaving the home unless absolutely necessary. Face masks, face shields, and other personal protective equipment are recommended when stepping outside. Frequent hand washing is also encouraged, as touching contaminated surfaces can also lead to infection. If COVID-19 like symptoms are observed, tenants were advised to self-isolate for 14 days to rule out infection.

The building’s management has also placed disinfecting mats and hand sanitizer around the premises to keep COVID-19 out of the premises.

Safety After Stepping Outside The House

As offices reopen their doors, stepping outside becomes inevitable for many tenants — and the longer one stays outside, the higher the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. To prevent bringing the disease into their homes, tenants are advised to remove and disinfect their shoes immediately upon entering the unit. They should also change out of and put their clothes in the laundry upon arriving. People should also take a bath to disinfect their skin of any pathogens. Residents should also refrain from interacting with loved ones until these precautionary steps are completed.

Gym Safety

Americans have a renewed appreciation for the importance of keeping healthy due to the pandemic. And one of the ways to keep fit and healthy in these uncertain times is through exercise. Luckily, residents of Boulders at Puget Sound have access to a 24-hour gym with top-class equipment. Still, certain precautions must be made when frequenting communal places such as the gym. As always, tenants are advised to observe the six-feet social distancing protocol. The gym also provides disinfectant sprays that residents can use to decontaminate equipment before using them. It is also advised to keep workouts as brief as possible to further reduce risk of exposure.

Safety When Playing Sports

The basketball court at Boulders at Puget Sound remains open and residents are welcome to use provided certain safety guidelines are observed. Full contact should be kept to a minimum and player roster should be rotated often. Face masks are also recommended to prevent infection. Bench players should also observe social distancing when waiting for their turn to play. Residents may also consider playing non-contact sport activities instead, such as bocce ball. In both scenarios, it is best to keep players numbers to a minimum for the time being.

Safety When Ordering In 

The developer also noticed that food deliveries rose sharply during the quarantine period. That said, certain precautions must still be taken as COVID-19 is known to survive on surfaces. Do not receive the food package directly; instead let them place it on the floor. As much as possible, pay for your order online to avoid handing over your credit card or cash to the delivery person. Immediately discard the packaging, disinfect the food containers, and wash your hands before eating.

Safety When Dining In

Residents may still visit the coffee bar and clubhouse, but social distancing will be strictly observed. It is recommended that people order food to go to avoid being around other people. Cashless payments are ideal as it minimizes person-to-person contact during payment. Patrons may be subjected to temperature checks before being allowed entry.

Safety When Welcoming Guests

With the lifting of shelter-in-place orders, some tenants may begin entertaining guests again. If so, certain measures can be done to avoid the risk of infection. Make sure guests leave their shoes outside to avoid bringing in infectants into your home. Masks and other personal protective equipment should also be worn even indoors. Keep meetings short and if possible do it outdoors such as in the pool area and other communal spaces.

As JRK says: “We live in an unprecedented time, one that tests how well we can adapt to the realities of a post-quarantine life. But the sacrifices and adjustments we undertake now can only help end the spread of COVID-19 sooner.”

JRK Washington Reiterates Its  Commitment To Keeping Residents Safe

The developer says that it has also taken into account the safety of its future tenants. In line with this, the company has made the tenant application process as contact-free as possible to minimize risks.

Information about Boulders at Puget Sound remains accessible via its website, and further inquiries can be directed to its customer service trunkline at (253) 205–0250. Should a prospective tenant wish to see an available unit, a virtual tour can be arranged.

To further minimize person-to-person contact, tenant applications can also be filed via the apartment’s online portal.

JRK adds that: “People’s safety is paramount to JRK Washington, and we have taken great pains to reduce any risks our current and future tenants may face. By laying out clear guidelines and utilizing digital platforms, we contribute to the nationwide effort to flatten the COVID-19 curve.”

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