Julo Launches Online Shopping Portal Featuring Quality, Black-Owned Pantry, Homecare, and Personal Care Products

Industry: Retail & eCommerce

Valley Stream, NY (PRUnderground) May 10th, 2021

Julo is announcing the launch of its online shopping portal featuring quality, Black-owned pantry, homecare, and personal care products. The company’s goal is to become the first place for shoppers to get everything they need. The full product line is available now at www.julo.shop.

Owner Adeola Wright says she hasn’t found online stores that sell predominantly Black-owned products across multiple categories all in one place. “At Julo, shoppers will have the ability to place multiple products from multiple categories in one basket, in addition to enjoying free shipping options and fast delivery.”  With Julo offering quality products that are good for the environment, and articulating the brand stories, Wright aims to make these brands household names that people will crave, demand, and love.

Wright emphasizes that Julo offers carbon neutral shipping options as well, which should be particularly appealing to customers looking for eco-friendly products. In addition, customers can target their searches for just vegan products, gluten-free, socially-conscious, non-toxic, and all-natural products. All orders are delivered in three business days or less.

“We are focused on ensuring that everything we offer is good for you,” Wright says, “For example, our home care products are all non-toxic. There’s no food product made with high-fructose corn syrup. So there’s care with what we select to be on the site.”

“Julo is a celebration,” Wright says, “’Julo’ in Yoruba, a Nigerian language, means ‘more than.’ The site is a celebration of all the amazing things we as Black people can make. The transaction of purchasing products from the site is the act of giving and receiving amazing things.” Wright adds that this is an especially important message to emphasize to people of African descent around the world, particularly in the face of societal injustices such as institutional racism.

“This is a fun way to reinforce a positive concept,” Wright says, “So instead of being just another online retailer, we are a place where our customers have the opportunity to try something new, and discover or rediscover some favorites from truly amazing brands.”

Wright adds that she’s been very intentional about structuring Julo’s partnerships. “Our product partners are dynamic and passionate. But most importantly they are regular people: small business owners, entrepreneurs, couples, families, dreamers, fighters, believers, all committed to the same vision of creating something for the world to enjoy.” Julo provides visibility and transparency so customers can learn about the store owners behind the brands, why they created the products they’re offering, as well as the product story and history.

Wright envisions Julo as the start of a movement to make amazing brands accessible to everyone. “With each sale we are able to support these brands and others like them in big ways,” she says, “and allow them the resources to build their local communities by creating not only products, but also jobs, access, and support.”

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