Junk Brands Releases Artificial Intelligence Inspired Collection

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JUNK Brands released a collection of AI Inspired headbands, we input the names of top-selling headbands and put a twist on the patterns and colors to fit our style.

Bentonville, AR (PRUnderground) February 1st, 2023

Last week, JUNK Brands released a collection of AI Inspired headbands.

The JUNK design team utilized Stable Diffuser 2.1 and AI Art Generator. They input many of the names of top-selling headbands, and the output was placed into the public domain immediately.

The outputs from these generators were off-putting, a few with food and animals with extra limbs, and many designs didn’t sit right. We think this is because you can’t teach beauty to a computer. The design team then put the JUNK twist of colors, patterns, and feel onto each usable headband.

JUNK decided on 6 patterns total to be released into the in-line collections. Read about their creation on our blog. We believe these AI-Inspired headbands are for our athletes and JUNK community members interested in AI, people who like the designs, and those who welcome change and opportunity. These AI Headbands represent those with growth mindsets of individuals ready to make a change, ready to embrace the future while still making it their own.

JUNK brings you this collection as a sample of dipping our toe into the AI world to inspire our designs. Our skilled designers touched these designs to bring an artful element to the headbands.

Check out the full collection and learn more about JUNK at junkbrands.com.

About JUNK Brands

JUNK is one of the country’s fastest growing companies. We are a Northwest Arkansas based headband company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of amazing headbands through a complete omni-channel work environment.

At JUNK we live in a culture of empowerment. Empowerment of the brand, product, customer, and employees. We accomplish this by demanding excellence and overcoming conventional thinking. We truly believe JUNK is exactly what you need to get that step closer to your ultimate goal.

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