Kashoo Small Business Accounting Website Launched March 22 2010.

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Kashoo Accounting, http://kashoo.com, is a simple, powerful and affordable online accounting application specifically designed to meet the needs of small business people for only $9.95/month.

Vancouver British Columbia (PRUnderground) March 30th, 2010

Kashoo Accounting, http://kashoo.com, is a simple, powerful and affordable online accounting application specifically designed to meet the needs of small business people for only $9.95/month.

Kashoo, formerly Clarity Accounting, is a flexible web-based accounting application that enables freelancers, consultants, and small business owners to quickly and easily invoice customers, track expenses, and manage cash. Kashoo, in beta until May 2010, simplifies accounting by providing a secure cloud-based service that enables them to stay connected with their businesses, their financial advisers, and to maintain better control over their finances. There is nothing to install with Kashoo, and the $9.95 monthly subscription fee includes FREE email and phone support and all feature enhancement updates.

Kashoo is available today as the perfect  accounting application for small businesses, designers, freelancers and consultants. It works on the PC and the Mac and can be accessed at any time from anywhere with an internet connection. Kashoo helps cut your bookkeeping time by importing bank statements; when the monthly bank and credit card statements are downloaded, your balancing and reconciling is done. Kashoo allows for invoicing and tracking expenses in multiple currencies. Global exchange rates are automatically and accurately downloaded daily for your convenience. Kashoo Accounting creates invoices in pdf format that can be emailed for faster payment. The books of the business stay organized and all of the financial data is kept secure with daily backups and 128-bit SSL encryption. Kashoo Accounting allows for unlimited multi-user access and seamlessly integrates with popular third-party applications such as Freshbooks and billFlo.

Quoting Jim Secord, the CEO of Kashoo, “We have worked hard to make that Kashoo Accounting is uncomplicated and easy to use. We designed Kashoo to be simple, powerful, and affordable.”

Jim and his team have done their best to take the pain out of accounting so that independent professionals and small business owners can keep their books up-to-date. Kashoo already has hundreds of bookkeepers who partner with Kashoo users, and the company adds more every week. Small business people can their combine Kashoo program and the accounting experience and skill of the Kashoo partners to save time and money. Kashoo is an affordable way for bookkeepers and accountants to collaborate with their clients on their books.

Freelancers and small business owners who are looking for the best way to get control of their finances can try Kashoo free for 30 days. No credit card is required, and after the free trial, Kashoo is only $9.95 per month no matter how many users are on the account or the amount of financial data. The subscription can be canceled at any time and the data retrieved simply and easily into an Excel or CVS file. There is no risk–try Kashoo to see if it is a good fit. Kashoo is only $9.95 a month for unlimited users, unlimited data, unlimited support, unlimited value. Try Kashoo today at no charge.

About Kashoo Online Accounting:

Kashoo is the natural evolution of Clarity Accounting which was co-founded by Dobes Vandermeer in 2008. Dobes was frustrated with the complexities of managing the finances of his rapidly growing software consulting firm with a well-known desktop accounting software package. He was also unable to share his financial records with his accountant until he traveled across town for a physical meeting. Dobes developed a robust business accounting software application that has grown into a global presence in the industry. Today, Dobes serves as the the Chief Technical Officer for Kashoo.

Kashoo Accounting: www.kashoo.com
Contact: Jim Secord, CEO
Email: jim.secord@kashoo.com
Office: +1 888.520.KASH (5274)
Cell: +1 778.919.3771
Skype: jim.secord


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