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Kayricka DuPree Makes Generous Donation to Children International

Industry: Business

Children International works to alleviate poverty in communities with kids around the world

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) January 19th, 2023

Kayricka DuPree has made a generous donation to Children International and hopes that others will consider doing the same.

DuPree is the CEO of Evolve & Elevate, Inc., an Atlanta, Georgia, based company where she leverages her intuitive problem-solving skills with clients to improve processes and inspire innovation. Her background includes a wealth of executive management skills with an emphasis in areas including finance, logistics, operations, business modeling, and human resources in roles such as operations manager.

According to DuPree, she has always felt a need to give back to the world around her. When she decided to make a large donation to a special organization, she didn’t hesitate to contact Children International.

Children International helps children in poverty by giving them the tools they need to succeed in life, and this mission is accomplished with the support of donations. In 2021, Children International spent 82% of operations expenses directly on programs for children and youth in 10 countries. Since the company’s launched, they’ve helped more than one million children. Today, after 80+ years of service, Children International has 67 community centers.

DuPree made a generous donation to support the initiatives carried out by Children International, and she is excited to think of the hope her donation could bring a child in need. “There are many, many children who live in severe poverty around the world, and I’m glad to be a part of the solution,” said DuPree. “Children International has a fantastic track record of putting donor dollars to work, and it’s an honor to be affiliated with this powerful program.”

DuPree also wants others to consider donating to Children International, an organization that offers a large percentage of donations directly towards programs benefiting kids in poverty around the world. Learn more about Children International by visiting their website at https://www.children.org.


Kayricka DuPree is the CEO of Evolve & Elevate, Inc., and an executive management professional with expertise in finance, logistics, operations, business modeling, and HR.

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