Keeping The Body Young With Regan Movement’s Approach To Movement and Mobility

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Regan Movement pilates and yoga studio in New York offers routines that connect mind and body to avoid negative health impacts over the years.

Manhattan, NY (PRUnderground) September 12th, 2022

Every 10 years, joints lose significant mobility, and tissues harden, changing from soft and supple to dehydrated, hard, and rigid. This has a profound impact on life quality as people age. In response, the Regan Movement urges everyone to take a new approach to movement and mobility.

Regan Movement educates people on how to connect with their bodies through breathwork, release work, and building strength and connection. Their goal is to help people connect inwards, so they can develop and better understand their body, recognizing and releasing tension to build strong, supple muscles and healthy joints.

Regan Rutledge is a pilates instructor who draws from several modalities to create her unique brand of movement and classes. Regan has successfully guided clients of all body types, ages, and abilities to achieve their optimum state through Pilates, Gyrokinesis®, Gyrotonic®, and Yoga.

She’s passionate about helping people move through pain and limitations to find joy and strength in their bodies, so she founded Regan Movement in 2019. Her attention to detail and focus on proper alignment ensure that the clients get the most out of their movements and keep motivated to return for more.

As the body ages, leading to loss of range of motion, stiffness, and unhealthy body balance, it’s crucial to learn how to feel and listen to it to respond and give back. Regan has worked with thousands of clients. Her method addresses all different body types, focusing on the stress put on the modern routine that is stationary at a desk or hunched over a phone.

Regan can address common stress patterns, getting the body to work as a complete system through proper breathing and core engagement. She can release pressure and activate other muscles by keeping the tissue hydrated, relaxing the nervous system, and checking where the tension is. This level of understanding and intuition sets her apart as a movement therapist.

Regan Movement clients can trust that they’re in good hands and that they’ll receive the best possible care. Whether they’re looking to improve flexibility, strength, or overall well-being, Regan can help achieve any goal.

Find the balance in life and live to the fullest with the Regan Movement. Visit them or learn more about their service by emailing INFO@REGANMOVEMENT.COM. You can also look through their website and find all about the instructors, classes, and streaming services. This is not just about exercise – it’s about getting the necessary tools to live happy, healthy lives.

About Regan Movement

Regan Movement is a pilates studio in New York with in-person and virtual classes that uses unique movement-based fitness and connects people’s bodies with their minds to improve their health.

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