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Kenneth Fox’s Real Life Thriller Details How a Life and a Livelihood Can Be Legally Stolen

Industry: Business

A crooked judge, a mentally ill wife, a devoted husband collides At The Point of a Knife

Washington, DC (PRUnderground) August 28th, 2019

Dr. Kenneth Fox never dreamed he’d spend over 20 years in courts around the world fighting to get his company back. An ophthalmic surgeon, Fox had co-founded a company that had patented a medical laser technology that revolutionized certain types of surgeries. In addition to his company, he was a devoted husband, father of two, caring son for his dying parents.

With so much going on in his life, Fox failed to take action as his increasingly delusional wife was becoming abusive to him and to their children. After his wife tries to stab him with a steak knife, Fox shockingly discovers mental illness runs in her family. Her father had been committed to an asylum years earlier.

In a final twist of fate, manic depression, money and judicial corruption intersect. Fox’s company is wrested away from him in a plot involving a crooked lawyer and a corrupt judge who owes his career to his former partner in crime. Fox is left without his family or his livelihood. The legal system that betrayed him may be his only hope.

Book information:

At The Point of a Knife by Kenneth Richard Fox

ISBN: 9780578502199

Published May 2019

210 pages (paperback) Available on in print and ebook.

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