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Kentucky Secured provides access to today’s best technologies to create a safer home for each tomorrow.

Lexington, KY (PRUnderground) January 11th, 2022

Most people picture a home security system as an alarm that sounds when someone tries to break into a house. Although that is one service this investment offers, today’s smart technologies provide a more comprehensive solution that keeps properties safer.

Kentucky Secured is proud to represent ADT security systems for Lexington property owners. This reputable and trusted brand delivers numerous integrative accessories that offer a customized home security experience. Homeowners can choose sensors, cameras, or even smart thermometers for more convenience and control.

Several benefits are possible for Lexington homeowners who decide to upgrade their security solutions.

  • Complete security systems include a smoke detector network that alerts residents of a fire to create a faster response time when an escape is necessary.

  • Alarm monitoring services are available 24/7, including the option to have emergency personnel dispatched to an address when the homeowner is not present.

  • Home security systems in Lexington can increase a property’s resale value, add a slight equity boost, and possibly reduce homeowners’ insurance costs.

  • Some designs have panic buttons to request medical assistance or contact emergency services by pushing a single button.

  • Individuals who work from home might qualify to write some or all of the installation and equipment expenses off their taxes. 

FBI statistics show that over 1.4 million burglaries occur in the United States each year. Homeowners are present in about one-quarter of these incidents. When a security system is installed on the property, the technology works to deter break-ins while providing an alert that something is amiss.

Kentucky Secured provides a selection of indoor and outdoor cameras to enhance home security. This technology can watch entry points, doorways, and property access with one of the most reputable brands providing this service today.

Innovative thermostat technologies create heating and hot water schedules while delivering cost-savings benefits with better interior environment controls. Homeowners can keep temps lower while at work, saving money in the process through less energy waste.

The command panel ties all smart devices and security accessories into a single, convenient hub for homeowners to use. It arms and disarms alarms, operates cameras, and allows viewing a live feed.

Home security systems help homeowners protect what they care about the most. Kentucky Secured works with a company that backs its products with nearly 150 years of experience, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a more secure property and the peace of mind that comes with that knowledge.

About Kentucky Secured

Since 2014, Kentucky Secured has been providing those in Lexington (and the surrounding areas) various security solutions, including home alarm systems, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and various other devices. The partnership with ADT was fundamental in the company’s growth, allowing KY Secured to become the only owned and operated ADT authorized dealer in Lexington.

Before Justin Wiese founded KY Secured back in 2014, he previously worked for other authorized ADT dealers, learning the industry and preparing for his new venture in a few years to follow. Nonetheless, fast forward to the present day, and KY Secured is locally owned and operated, providing affordable, ADT authorized security solutions to those in Lexington and the broader Kentucky area. They install and set up equipment, provide an open line of communication with customers, and are constantly on the lookout for new security devices. If you have any more questions or are interested in other services, you can contact the KY Secured team.

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