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KFM-Solutions Releases Addictive Mobile App Game vHackOS Where Players Fight to be the World’s top Hacker

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There's no shortage of extreme fun in the new Android mobile app game vHackOS. Players compete to become a world-class hacker, through unique & creative gameplay.

Berlin, Germany (PRUnderground) January 10th, 2019

The hacker lifestyle is something that is often glamorized in movies, books, and across many websites online. But what if someone could experience some of that kind of excitement, all through a fun game that simulates some of the action hackers are said to experience? The interest would be high and independent game developer KFM-Solutions is proving that point with their new mobile app game for Android devices vHackOS. The energy surrounding the release is high with downloads skyrocketing.

“We thought this was a great concept for a game and really brainstormed to make the gameplay as engaging and interesting as possible,” commented Kevin Fuhrberg from KFM-Solutions. “Releasing it has been amazing and we are very happy to be getting so much positive feedback so quickly. We look forward to seeing vHackOS continue to attract more players and love to hear their thoughts.”

The game comes complete with chat functions and very active moderators who make sure it is suitable for all age levels. The vHackOS gameplay itself recreates mobile hacking challenges in a fun and competitive way, where players try to crack into each others account’s, can join teams, and a leaders board is kept posted to see who is excelling at it. It is also free from Google ads, something which has marred the experience of many mobile games in the opinion of a large number of avid gamers.

Updates to the game are posted as needed to fix any bugs or add more excitement. KFM-Solutions plans to continue doing this focused on making it as enjoyable for players as possible.

The feedback for vHackOS has been overwhelmingly positive.

PopGoesMe700, recently said in a five-star review, “I love the game, good enough images to not warrant a downvote and is simple yet long game, no ending as you ‘hack’ other users to take their ‘cash’ and in return use that ‘cash’ to upgrade yourself to stop others from hacking you! If you like games themed around hacking, without that actual hacking, try this game.”

To download from the Google Play store be sure to visit https://goo.gl/EdFPZ7.

About KFM-Solutions

KFM-Solutions are independent app developers based out of Germany focused on creating engaging games.

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