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Kitchen Gadgets Geek Publishes Free “Ultimate Guide to Homemade Baby Food” on Information Packed Website

Industry: Food and Drink

Many parents would like to keep their babies on a diet of homemade baby food to help ensure they are healthy and happy. Popular blog and website Kitchen Gadgets Geek is making that much more simple with a new free online guide.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) August 29th, 2019

I t is not a surprise that most store-bought baby foods don’t meet the requirements of health-conscious parents who would like their babies to be on a first-class, nutritious eating plan. For those who would prefer not to pay for higher-end brand baby food, or would feel more comfortable knowing exactly what went into each meal, the idea of making baby food at home is a compelling one. The question is often how to get started. And what ingredients make for the best choices. All this and more are answered in the recently published online “The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Baby Food” at the increasingly popular website

“Making people healthy one kitchen gadget at a time,” commented Michelle Bybel, from Kitchen Gadgets Geek. “That’s our mission. If we can help babies also be more healthy by breaking down what makes good homemade baby food and what kitchen gadgets can be used to make it, that’s even better!”

The informative guide is quick to point baby needs change as they grow older, with six to nine-month olds needing a diet that is geared for them, before graduating to one appropriate for 9-12-month-olds. An emphasis is placed on showing the latest in research so that the suggestions in the guide carry weight and aren’t just unsubstantiated opinion. Also, very importantly, safety always comes first when it comes to Kitchen Gadgets Geeks’ homemade baby food recommendations. Because nobody wants to put their pride and joy’s health at risk, ever.

In addition to “The Ultimate Guide to Homemade Baby Food”, the action-packed website continues to review the best in kitchen gadgets, large and small.

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About Kitchen Gadgets Geek

Kitcken Gadgets Geek is my blog. I own enough kitchen gadgets to probably fill up a store and yet I just can’t resist when something new pops up on the market. Even if I have another version of it… ugh! I definitely have appliance issues but that is what makes my site so special!

A lot of what I write is about stuff I actually own and use so you will get my take on how things really work. I am also a health coach so I know how important a healthy kitchen is – that is why my main focus is to bring you gadgets that will help to make your kitchen a healthier and happier place to be!

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