Knowtrex Brings Automotive Market Intelligence Platform to the U.S.

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Pricing intelligence solutions help decision makers in pricing, product, sourcing and sales gain a competitive edge

Santa Barbara, CA (PRUnderground) January 23rd, 2023

The team at Knowtrex has formally announced that their leading European automotive market intelligence platform will be launching in the United States, providing decision makers with real-time visibility into pricing, competitive trends, and product performance for tires, rims, and more.

Knowtrex debuted in 2015 in Europe, where it has since become the leading resource for automotive market insights for pricing and product managers, buyers, marketing agents, and sales managers. The platform has grown immensely to include information such as analysis of tires and vehicle and leasing prices and has become a name synonymous with trusted customer service, second-to-none data reporting, and individual solutions that are customized to the needs of the customer.

Knowtrex is the most intuitive market intelligence platform for the automotive sector and allows users to compare products and portfolios at brand or country level. Users also have the ability to create top products baskets to easily analyze their high runner products. In the tire segment alone, there are more than two dozen specifications that can be selected for in-depth analysis. Knowtrex features market prices for 60+ countries, demand/transaction data, and various customizable reports.

According to Sebastian Scheiba, Product Manager at Knowtrex, “To generate real added value for our customers, we also consider comparability of tires in our analysis products, for example, via customized match codes, to make tires from different manufactures comparable with each other and not to compare apples with oranges.”

Now, customers in the U.S. will be able to take advantage of this best-in-class platform. Knowtrex continues to evolve to best serve the needs of its customers, allowing retailers and marketplaces to automate their pricing using Knowtrex’s real-time market data; tire manufacturers to optimize pricing and sales strategies; and vehicle manufacturers to create the best pricing and sourcing decisions.

Knowtrex is currently accepting new customers in the United States. Prospective customers can schedule a conversation with a Knowtrex representative to discuss data challenges and potential solutions. Further information can be found at

About Knowtrex

Knowtrex brings global automotive market insights into one platform for seamless informed decision-making when it comes to pricing, sourcing and sales, and products.

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