KY Secured Delivers Advice to Prevent Random Fire Alarm Activations

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A fire alarm randomly going off could be a risk factor for a future event.

Lexington, KY (PRUnderground) January 10th, 2023

Fire alarms get triggered by smoke and heat. Older models have been known to sound an alarm when insects or spiders crawl through the equipment. When home or business owners encounter an issue where one randomly triggers, it is crucial to investigate the matter.

When a fire alarm going off randomly sounds like a brief chirp, it signals that the battery requires replacement. Some systems are hardwired to the structure, so this audio cue represents a potential connection or power issue.

Rooms with high humidity can start a fire alarm randomly going off, as can improper ventilation from the kitchen. Anything that changes the indoor environment in ways that could indicate the presence of flames creates a signal intended to inspire an investigation.


Kentucky Secured receives this question several times per year. The answer is usually a combination of batteries needing to change with old equipment becoming more sensitive to indoor changes. Fire alarms and smoke detectors should be replaced every ten years since the sensors can wear out.

New alarms come with labels that indicate the product’s manufacturing date. Home or business owners that do not see this information on their equipment should update their fire protection resources immediately because the item is old enough to require immediate replacement.

Dirty indoor environments can cause some smoke detectors and fire alarms to randomly go off. This issue happens more often in warehouses and industrial facilities, but it can occur anywhere when regular cleaning duties are not performed.

Many smoke detectors turn yellow as they get older. This issue occurs because the bromine in the equipment changes colors when exposed to UV light, oxygen, and heat. If a white cover has turned a deep yellow, it is time to replace the fire alarm.


In 2019, Universal Security Instruments recalled 180,000 smoke detectors due to a faulty switch that caused them to fail to sound an alarm when needed. The organization received over 130 reports of the product failing to work when tested after installation. These issues were due to a faulty switch discovered four years after the item was made available to consumers.

Poor positioning of the fire alarm can cause some units to be more active than needed. Avoid placing the detectors too close to the bathroom or kitchen while ensuring the home or commercial building has enough ventilation to prevent false signals.

Strong chemical odors from products like paint thinner can trigger some fire alarms to make them seem like they are randomly triggered.

Most home and business owners can resolve issues with a fire alarm randomly going off with a few steps. More resources are available at when additional help is necessary.

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