KY Secured Reveals the Best Number of Security Cameras Needed for Homeowners

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Properties have unique requirements to review when designing a system for full video coverage.

Lexington, KY (PRUnderground) September 23rd, 2022

A home burglary happens every 25 seconds in the United States. Although rates are decreasing, about seven million property crimes still occur throughout the country each year.

One of the best ways to deter criminal activity on private property is to install security cameras. Although this tool will not prevent a determined intruder from gaining unauthorized access to a home, it can identify the individuals once the video is reviewed. That fact often stops people who look for an easier house to target. But many may ask themselves, how many security cameras do I need?

Although there is not a one-size-fits-all approach that lets homeowners pick a specific number of security cameras, each property has five contact points that typically need video coverage.

  1. The front door, which is where most theft, burglary, and robbery attempts occur annually.
  2. Ground floor windows, which are the second-most popular spot for break-ins.
  3. Side doors and back doors require security cameras to alert homeowners to the presence of unauthorized individuals.
  4. Sheds and garages can serve as hiding spots or be targeted for theft without protection.
  5. Front yards and backyard video detection can stop intruders from proceeding with their plans.

Indoor cameras are helpful when securing a property with enhanced security options. Since these installations point outside, homeowners receive additional surveillance coverage. Most people use this asset to check on young children or elderly parents when duties pull them away from the home. Security cameras should not be placed in sensitive areas, such as the bedroom or bathroom, unless the individual who primarily occupies that space is given permission.

This investment ensures that homeowners can protect what they value the most. Residential systems with security cameras can detect smoke, carbon monoxide, or fire while contacting emergency services for additional assistance.

Each home security system provided by KY Secured includes a digital panel, flip card, and access to a smartphone app. Offering one simplified interface to homeowners makes it much easier to interact with every installed camera. This system setup also creates a straightforward set of protocols for setting or disarming alarms, turning on lights, and other key features.

Advanced security systems with cameras increases homeowner confidence while providing ease of mind. A custom approach ensures that this investment fits nearly any budget while delivering the surveillance outcomes one desires.

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About Kentucky Secured

Since 2014, Kentucky Secured has been providing those in Lexington (and the surrounding areas) various security solutions, including home alarm systems, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and various other devices. The partnership with ADT was fundamental in the company’s growth, allowing KY Secured to become the only owned and operated ADT authorized dealer in Lexington.

Before Justin Wiese founded KY Secured back in 2014, he previously worked for other authorized ADT dealers, learning the industry and preparing for his new venture in a few years to follow. Nonetheless, fast forward to the present day, and KY Secured is locally owned and operated, providing affordable, ADT authorized security solutions to those in Lexington and the broader Kentucky area. They install and set up equipment, provide an open line of communication with customers, and are constantly on the lookout for new security devices. If you have any more questions or are interested in other services, you can contact the KY Secured team.

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