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Language Chats is a language learning project for Android and iOS platforms; it’s an app that combines the latest Cloud AI technologies to help anyone learn 14 languages.

Houston, TX (PRUnderground) December 13th, 2019

Language Chats is a language learning project for Android and iOS platforms – it’s an app that combines the latest Cloud AI technologies to help anyone learn to speak new languages in a chat with ease and ensure that no embarrassing gaffes are made. Technology is changing how humans communicate with each other and language barriers are being struck down by the day by apps like Language Chats. Language Chats is poised to be launched on a Kickstarter Campaign.

Language Chats is the World’s first user-generated content language learning app and has certain features that help people chat in up to fourteen languages spoken around the world. The features include Unlimited Chats which allows flexible language learning supported by super high language retention, Native HQ Voices where one can listen to native voice pronunciation that a user can repeat and practice on and Speech Recognition that uses cloud speech recognition for every chat message that allows for pronunciation drills and tests. Other features are a bilingual dictionary provided for each language a user is on where synonyms and native pronunciations are available, chat history where all chats are saved for future reference and to pick up where one left off, and a personal word bank that allows users to save the words they find important, hence not to be lost in the flood of vocabulary.

Only 3 steps are involved in starting to use Language Chats – after installation of the app, all a user needs to do is Select a Language, Select a Topic and Start Chatting in the preferred language by chatting in the native language of the user or the language the user knows.

By using the Language Chats app, learning language is made very easy and efficient – the creators of Language Chats guarantee that language learning gets ten times faster. With an attractive and interactive interface that is kind to the eyes, a user can chat for hours without straining their eyes and reap the full benefits of Language Chats.

In essence, Language Chats is a summa cum laude way to learn other languages and apply them. With Cloud AI Tech, Language Chats is an app that’s set to revolutionize language learning.

To join this project and receive a lifetime subscription when it’s launched on kickstarter, please visit and sign up for updates.

About Language chat

We are passionate language enthusiasts and cloud technology specialist with experience in AWS, Azure & Google Cloud. Our project, Language Chat combines the latest Cloud AI technologies from Microsoft Azure, Amazon, & Google Cloud to help you learn to speak 14 languages from your first chat, without embarrassment and complexities.

It’s the first user generated content language learning app built for your tongue and fingers at the same time.Gain confidence by practicing with Cloud AI Speech Recognition and then apply your skills with native human speakers in real life.

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