Las Vegas Condos for Sale in Huge Demand as 2018 Job Growth at 10,000+ Sites

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The Las Vegas real estate market has been making the news for breaking records in 2017 for population, tourism and development.

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) September 18th, 2017

Very few cities in the world can ever claim to do what Las Vegas has done for the last 100 years, and that is constantly reinvent itself. The Chinese even rebuilt an entire city with the same casinos as Las Vegas in China called Macau, but it’s just not Vegas. On the surface Las Vegas is an internationally recognized brand known for casinos, parties and the “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” nightlife experience. Today, Las Vegas is all of that plus a tax friendly state with no personal income tax, a top rated retiree destination, and a hub for global businesses looking for the perfect place to grow. CNBC among other news sorces have recently named Las vegas in the Top 3 states to find a job in the USA.

One important savings left out by most comparisons is that Las Vegas has no personal income tax. That alone can be a savings of an additional 10% a year depending on what state people relocate from. According to, Las Vegas has one of the lowest cost-to-living ratios in the USA. You would need around 7,831.82$ in San Francisco, CA to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 3,800.00$ in Las Vegas. This year Las Vegas passed its highest post recession population now reaching over 2.2 Million people in the Valley. It is also on track to break its records with over 22,000 conventions and tourism at over 43 Million visitors.

“Las Vegas may be the best city in the USA to own investment property” says William Margita, a celebrity Las Vegas real estate agent. He mentions all the numerous TV shows that choose Las Vegas for their ‘flipping’ series. Las Vegas is constantly on television as the go to city on how to buy and invest in real estate. BusinessInsider recently named Las Vegas in the Top 5 cities to buy a rental property. Margita states that many buyers and investors are surprised at what $175,000 can buy compared to where they are coming from. He goes on to say “People looking to take advantage of this market are loosing time and need to buy before all good $175,000 Las Vegas condos for sale are gone

There are currently only 225 condos for sale in Las Vegas under $200,000 with two bedrooms. Ashley McCormick, a real estate agent with Urban Nest Realty, specializes in how to buy high rise condos for sale on the Las Vegas strip. McCormick says that there are currently less than 75 Las Vegas high rises condos for sale with 1 bedroom under $400,000. There are currently no new high rises under construction in Las Vegas and inventory is becoming scarce for strip views. TripAdvisor has Las Vegas listed as one of the worlds top 25 destinations and is reconized by site do to the skyline. McCormick adds “The Strip views change from day to night and are like a constant show of their own, its like buying a peice of moving artwork”.

Job creation is the single largest factor driving sales in Las Vegas today as over 127+ people a day are moving into the area. A new factor besides taxes and location is that Las Vegas has the least amount of natural disasters. After a string of hurricanes, fires and earthqakes – businesses are looking for a safe place to operate without disruption. A recent report showing a map of safest places to live in the US from natural disasters on FOX 40 has Las Vegas #1. Las Vegas already has become home to some of the largest data centers, distribution hubs and is now up for consideration of the new headquarters. Amazon already has one distribution hub in Las Vegas and just completed a second expansion adding 500 jobs.

About is a top rated source for Las Vegas real estate news and market updates to include all MLS homes for sale in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding cities and communities to include Henderson, NV & Summerlin. William Margita of Urban Nest Realty is has over 22 years experience as an agent, speaker, writer and real estate coach. He can be reached for questions, concerns or bookings at 702-882-8240

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