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Note-taking is a personal activity, even when it takes place in a professional context. Every user takes notes differently and a great note-taking app must be flexible enough to allow them to do so. So we’ve been working on a range of features that help you to give your notes a personal touch.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) September 20th, 2022

Our latest updates let you further customize the look and feel of your notes

A page for every purpose

In Nebo, personalization starts at the level of page creation. If you’ve been enjoying the app for a while, you’ll notice that we’ve renamed two of the core page types you can add to your notebooks. The freeform page is now a Note and the regular page is now a Document — names that align better with the content each page was designed to help you create.

Need to mix writing and drawing on an infinite canvas, brainstorm ideas or create with complete freedom? Choose a Note.

Want to handwrite on a responsive page, add math or diagram objects, then convert to typed text and perfect shapes? Choose a Document.

Choose your look
Our latest update adds support for Dark Mode — the feature most often requested by our users. This posed a development challenge for an app containing a huge range of potential color combinations, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that your notes adapt and stay legible whichever mode you use. As a result, you can now enjoy a more comfortable user experience in low-light conditions.

Also new for this release are page backgrounds. You can now change the color of both Note and Document backgrounds, and each background has a bespoke Dark Mode variant. Use different color backgrounds to categorize your notes or just to spice things up!

Your words, your way
We recently introduced some cool new pen types too. You can now write, draw and diagram with your choice of a felt, fountain or brush pen, and in a range of stroke widths. And don’t worry: Nebo’s world-leading write-to-text conversion works well with each of them. The new pen types make Nebo feel more natural than ever, allowing you to capture your handwriting more faithfully each time you put pen to screen.

We’ve also made it easier to add unrecognized terms (like specialist jargon, abbreviations or brand names) to Nebo’s dictionary. Select a word to display the menu, then tap Learn “[term]” to add it to the dictionary. Nebo will now recognize the term whenever you write it.

Make it personal
Together, Nebo’s new personalization features make it easier than ever to create notes that look and feel completely your own. How will you use them?

Let us know via social media — we always love to see how our users make the most of Nebo.

Enjoy the update!

The Nebo team at MyScript

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