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Louisville, KY (PRUnderground) April 24th, 2023

Scientific research has led the world to some remarkable discoveries over the years. Advanced ChemTech is proud to be part of the research and production that leads to simple, fast, and reliable results through a focused portfolio.

These products are developed and leveraged from deep industry knowledge within our organization. The operational expertise available to expand capabilities and accelerate growth is directly reflected in the latest chemistry news found at

Chemistry awareness offers globalized access to new innovation and growth opportunities in virtually every business type and industry today. The science behind these efforts shows how we understand and make progress within almost every category. When reviewing the latest chemical news and updates, it becomes quickly apparent that new ideas turn into practical solutions that help everyone.

Information from National Geographic shows that more than 700 animal species are adversely affected by plastic products. The accumulation of these synthetics through bottles, pack rinks, caps, packaging, and hundreds of other items creates a problem that disrupts natural habitats. The latest chemical industry news often focuses on microplastics because they can enter the human body by eating or breathing.

Additional news stories covered by Advanced ChemTech in 2022 include the following.

  • New research into lithium-ion battery manufacturing could limit flammability risks.
  • An overview of wood-based degradable plastic shows enough promise to possibly replace numerous home furnishings and fixtures.
  • Answers to questions about how biodegradable plastics work, why some products turn yellow over time, and if “forever chemicals” are ready to disappear.
  • A closer look at bisphenol a (BPA) and what it means if a product states it is free of this compound.

The latest chemical industry news informs the public about the events that affect them. It provides well-researched examples from local, regional, national, and international sources that serve to build awareness. At Advanced ChemTech, we recognize that news serves as a social gathering space where conversations can occur. It’s a chance to find answers to questions while learning more about how new innovations and operations.

Chemistry news can help everyone understand how the industry works while showing how the products and skills developed within can transfer to other life areas. New chemicals, materials, and pharmaceuticals improve lives in numerous ways. The information provided ensures that each reader can make empowered decisions about what works best for their individual requirements.

About Advanced ChemTech

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Advanced ChemTech provides various fine chemicals to the research and pharmaceutical market. These chemicals vary massively, including amino acids, peptides, resins, reagents, and more. We are Leaders in instrumentation, and provide TETRAS™, a state-of-the-art synthesizer for peptide synthesis.

Advanced ChemTech has all the chemicals you need, whether for pharmaceutical research or the market, or perhaps a school science project, required re-stock for a commercial entity, or other requirements. Whatever you need, the Chemtech team is here to help you; you can even read their newly released blog for free information and advice. To find out more information about the team and their processes, you can also reach out via

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