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Law Student Menos Hiras Updates Successful Blog for Current and Aspiring Students

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Menos Hiras, an aspiring lawyer, recently updated an already-successful law blog site for current and aspiring students. Read on to learn more.

New Jersey (PRUnderground) May 12th, 2020

Current and aspiring lawyers who wish to learn how to navigate law school can take advantage of a recently updated microsite by law student Menos Hiras that has garnered number-one rankings on several top search engines in recent months.

Hiras initially created the website, which can be found at, with the goal of helping people to more confidently enter law school—and the law profession as a whole. The microsite was recently expanded to provide even more value to its readers. For instance, the blog website now contains informational videos along with detailed blogs and informative website content.

Blog Site Law Information

On the blog site, online users can learn about the process of applying to law school. Menos Hiras on the site explains that top-notch writing skills and first-rate interview preparation are essential for law school admission, for instance. He also emphasizes the value of obtaining strong professor recommendation letters and showcasing strong academic achievements in the law school application.

The website also provides helpful information regarding preparing for the momentous Law School Admission Test. As an example, Hiras offers tips for pacing study times and examining past tests to determine what type of material may be covered in a future exam.

New Blog Site Videos

The new informational videos on the site cover both law topics and miscellaneous topics that aspiring and current law students may find helpful.

For instance, Menos Hiras discusses four skills that people need to survive the law school experience. He also talks about why carbohydrates, even though they have gotten a bad rap, are not necessarily always bad to eat. According to Hiras, this may be encouraging news for students who find themselves with the munchies while studying for law exams.

About Menos Hiras

Current law student Menos Hiras said he created and updated the law microsite because he understands firsthand how difficult being a law student can be. A major reason why law school can be so challenging, according to Hiras, is that many beginning students are not used to the Socratic method and the case method that professors use when teaching classes. In addition, students are expected to do a large amount of work filled with legal jargon that beginning students are not familiar with.

All in all, Hiras’s chief objective with his updated website is to help students to take full advantage of the unique experience that law school offers, as well as achieve their law goals in years ahead.

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