Leader Logic & Van der Stahl Scientific Develop Novel Solution to Address World Face Mask Shortage

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Face mask re-reprocess system to manage mask shortage and environmental waste announced.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRUnderground) April 14th, 2020

Leader Logic, LLC in a join partnership with Van der Stahl Scientific, Inc. has announced today the development of a new mask sanitation system that promises to help solve the mask shortage crisis for caregivers at hospitals and clinics. This innovation is timely given the urgent need for a steady supply of PPE (personal protection equipment) and the fact that the FDA has just loosened guidelines using the EUA’s (emergency use authorizations) for the reprocessing of disposable masks. This technology will also have ongoing relevancy beyond the Pandemic as hospitals are rapidly moving to reduce disposable products out of the waste stream. This technology would slow this disposable into the waste stream and will have an extremely positive environmental impact by allowing caregivers to reprocess their sterile masks multiple times at their site.

Current solutions to re-sanitizing masks require that the masks be sent out to a third-party processor which results in long wait times and additional costs. With this new technology sanitation is decentralizes and masks can be processed onsite quickly in real time, thereby increasing efficiencies while reducing cost and waste. This technology will also be affordable in order to facilitate the reprocessing of masks at small clinics, surgery centers and other healthcare facilities including dentists and doctors’ offices. Less masks purchases each year will be a huge benefit to managed care as it will reduce costs to these financially burdened facilities. Hospitals are currently experiencing a new wave of innovations that address a new concept referred to as “Resposables” in other words disposable technologies that are being responsibly reprocessed. Their technology also includes a proprietary mask design that includes ozone and UV stable materials that will increase re-sanitation cycles.

The technology leverages the use of bio-electric generated ozone gas within a positive flow chamber and combines the use of UV light sterilization. Both UV light and ozone gas are powerful sterilizing agents and are inexpensive to produce. Their pending patent also calls for a wide range of additional novel features that will provide a host of user benefits. The two organizations are owned by identical twin brothers Nicholas and Charlie Webb, both prolific innovators and entrepreneurs. Their current plan for the technology is to complete their initial prototypes in order to conduct bio burden analysis and to begin initial production. During their new product development phase, they will be meeting with organizations with synergistic technologies in order to discuss potential licensing and/or technology acquisition.

For more information, visit www.goleaderlogic.com and www.vanderstahl.com.


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Van der Stahl Scientific, Inc.





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About Van der Stahl Scientific, Inc.

For 25 years, Van der Stähl Scientific has helped medical device customers deliver billions of sterile devices safely to the point of care. Their competent staff delivers boutique level services through their in-house ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that upholds the highest standard of quality control. They serve the world’s largest and smallest medical device firms with equal care and support.

About LeaderLogic LLC

LeaderLogic was founded by world-renowned innovation and strategy thought leader Nicholas J. Webb. Nicholas is the author of more than a half a dozen books including: The Innovation Playbook, The Digital Innovation Playbook, Breakers, Invent Stuff, and the number one best-selling book on Customer Experience (CX) innovation, What Customers Crave.

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