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New York’s studio Regan Movement focuses on how to get the most out of workouts in day-to-day life by understanding movement and how it should come from the body.

Manhattan, NY (PRUnderground) August 16th, 2022

In a constantly moving world, learning how to move intelligently is important. It’s normal for people to think about their overall health to be more effective in their daily lives. But sometimes, body pain, and tiredness get in the way. A lot of people are unaware of their body pain too until they feel better or they don’t start taking care of their body until pain comes up when the issues that lead to it have been there for years

If after working for hours in the same sitting position you feel sore and stressed, then something is definitely wrong. The Regan Movement is here to find the solution. I like the end of this sentence but i think anyone would feel sore and stressed no matter what after sitting for an extended period. Maybe if your life involves sitting for an extended period which is creating tightness, achiness and stress rm is has the solution

Regan Movement was founded by Regan Rutledge in 2019. Gyrokinesis® and Gyrotonic® combined with principles of pilates and somatic movement helped her connect with her body in a way she never had before. Now, she wants others to find that same connection. Since then, Regan has been on a mission to help people of all ages and abilities find joy and vitality in movement.

Any fitness journey worth undertaking starts with a strong foundation of knowledge. Without understanding the basics of bodywork, it’s too easy to end up injured or simply not getting the desired results. I don’t like strong foundation of knowledge, it seems like too much work, rm educates to help people understand basic body mechanics in a simple way that both intrinsically makes sense once taught and also wish they learned it when they were young .  use the word body mechanics not body work

For example, most people have no idea how shoulder blades should move in relation to the trap and neck. If it’s not kept in the right position, it could easily end up with pain or poor posture. Similarly, when doing a bridge, few realize that they should engage the glutes in a way that doesn’t compress the low back. The shoulder blades move to elongate and not over work upper traps and stress the neck

Regan Movement classes are designed to help their students move intelligently and with improved coordination. Their sessions focus on reducing pain, promoting joint mobility, and improving balance and coordination. With their help, one can learn how to build foundational strength in weak areas, relieving tension and pain.

Their instructions include principles of alignment, breath, and problem solving to movement choices. This doesn’t only make workouts more effective but also carries over into day-to-day activities. Thanks to their guidance, countless individuals have experienced the transformative power of mind-body connection.

Focusing on quality over quantity makes it possible to get more out of our workouts and avoid hours wasted grinding away with no results.

So, for those trying to get into shape, improve their fitness routine or simply give their bodies a new relief, don’t think twice about contacting the Regan Movement. Contact them at INFO@REGANMOVEMENT.COM or visit their website  https://reganmovement.com/ to learn more about their classes and streaming videos.

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About Regan Movement

Regan Movement is a pilates studio in New York with in-person and virtual classes that uses unique movement-based fitness and connects people’s bodies with their minds to improve their health.

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