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Leesa McGregor Looks to Leave Lasting Impact with ‘A New Alphabet for Humanity’

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New children’s book aims to inspire positivity

Vancouver, CANADA (PRUnderground) July 22nd, 2019

When entrepreneur Leesa McGregor sat down to read stories with her young son, she couldn’t help but notice the majority children’s books aren’t teaching values like bravery, empathy and compassion – to prepare children for the world we’re living in right now.

She decided to create a new children’s book ‘A New Alphabet for Humanity’ to offer a refreshing new take on the status quo of children’s alphabet books.

Instead of teaching her son A is for Apple, B is for Book, C is for Cat, she realised she could teach her my words like A is for Abundance, B is for Bravery and C is for Compassion, D is for Diversity and so on.

“I believe words have the power to shape us,” said McGregor, who is also the founder and creator of The Social Impact School. When it comes to the mission behind her book, she said, “If we want to prepare our kids for the world outside, we should start with educating the heart.”

‘A New Alphabet for Humanity’ will feature beautiful imagery from renowned illustrator Daniela Sosa and 26 empowering alphabet words such as abundance, compassion, diversity, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, love, patience, unity, vibrant, and wise. “It’s the most inspiring alphabet on the planet.” said McGregor.

“Our vision is to help families around the world to raise a generation of children who are happier, kinder, more loving global citizens,” said McGregor.

‘A New Alphabet for Humanity’ is being debuted on Kickstarter, where backers will have an opportunity to get unique perks in exchange for making pledges towards the book’s funding. More information can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/newalphabet/a-new-alphabet-for-humanity

About Leesa McGregor

Leesa McGregor is a world traveler, entrepreneur and author who believes in the
power of words – and letters – to inspire a generation of kinder, happier children. She is “The Business Impact Mentor”, founder/creator of The Social Impact School and tTe Positive Change Show, mom, and creator of ‘A New Alphabet for Humanity’.

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