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Legend Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Celebrates Success Helping Patients Meet Diverse Goals

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For over 12 years LEAP has incorporated equine experiences with traditional psychotherapy to deliver remarkable results. They are now expanding their facilities.

Moscow, Idaho (PRUnderground) January 12th, 2018

When it comes to therapy for traumatic experiences or other mental health issues, Moscow, Idaho’s Legend Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (LEAP), led by Egala Certified practitioner Dr. Lynn Fraley, is a trend setting organization. Clients celebrate successes and tremendous breakthroughs in trust never thought possible with Dr. Fraley’s signature approach to equine assisted psychotherapy.

LEAP will continue to break new ground, as the only facility of it’s kind in the Clarkston/Lewiston area. Dr. Fraley is currently conducting extensive research on equine therapy, which is delivering promising feedback. To date, LEAP is the only program in Moscow, ID that offers treatment tailored to meet specific cognitive, psychological and social goals of patients using proven methodologies developed by Dr. Fraley & her team.

“We have six horses that have come to us through rescue,” commented Dr. Fraley. “If anyone understands a patient’s trust issues it’s these magnificent animals. The effect they have on a client’s progress is truly magical and empowering. There’s a unique bond that exists between humans and horses that not only encourages healing but spurs personal growth.”

Both Dr. Fraley and Jack Gamble, LEAP’s Lead Equine Specialist, are currently obtaining PATH Certification. The LEAP facility is located on a five-acre farm in the hills of the Palouse, making it an ideal setting for calm thought, reflection and human/horse interaction.

According to Dr. Fraley, some of the benefits of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy include: an increased sense of personal wellbeing and respect for others; improved communication and social skills; impulse control; empathy; and much more.

LEAP addresses a variety of client concerns that include: Behavioural Issues, Depression, ADD, PTSD, Substance Abuse, Relationship Problems, Eating Disorders and Anxiety to name but a few. A professional from the team is always on hand to discuss a potential patient’s individual needs.

For more information be sure to visit http://legendequineassistedpsychotherapy.com.

About Legend Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Legend Equine Psychotherapy Program (“LEAP”) is an alternative approach to traditional counseling. Patients gain insight into their behavior through their relationship with therapeutic horses. A unique bond between horses and humans exists that encourages growth and connection. When talk therapy just isn’t enough, equine therapy makes inroads and breaks downs walls.

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