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Levee Tax Filing App Launch Will Displace Need for Costly CPAs

Industry: Mobile Apps

Tax app Levee offers easy expense tracking, bank integration, cloud storage, state and federal filings, tax planning and more

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) September 28th, 2016

Tax app Levee will begin displacing the traditional CPA and revolutionizing tax filing with its launch on Tuesday, September 27th. The commencement of the tax filing app marks a shift away from costly accountant fees and cumbersome filing processes, enabling freelancers and entrepreneurs to file their taxes with unprecedented ease.

Levee offers users a complimentary first month to download the app (no credit card necessary) and test it for their business. After the trial period is up, customers can choose between the tax app, which offers easy expense tracking, bank integration, cloud storage, or a Full-service package that in addition offers state and federal filings, tax planning and more.


Offering a clean, intuitive interface that enables users to categorize expenses moments after swiping their credit cards, as well 24/7 access to tax professionals, Levee is determined to outperform the best tax apps on the market today. Eliminating the need for paper receipts, the tax filing app encourages users to categorize expenses as they go so that when tax season arrives, their information is sorted.

With their data neatly organized, users can opt to have Levee file taxes on their behalf. Once Levee completes the streamlined process, users can easily review, finalize and sign their tax returns through the app.


Before cofounders Argel Sabillo and Damien Sutevski even met, both were looking at ways to simplify the tax process. Sutevski was examining ways to automate the tax process to make it simpler to capture deductions. Sabillo was looking to streamline tax planning and filing to reduce tax costs. When the two met, Sutevski had an app in development and Sabillo, a CPA, who was working at the time at Deloitte, one of the largest tax firms, had a business plan. When they decided to join forces, they united in pursuit of one common goal: help freelancers streamline the tax process.

“Freelancers have to juggle between managing projects and financial operations to run a business,” Sabillo says. “The vision is for the app to be the one-stop shop for freelancers to manage all of their finances while automating taxes from the point of transaction to e-filing of their income tax returns.”

Levee will be available for download from the Apple Store on Tuesday, September 27th.


Argel Sabillo

CEO & Co-founder



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