Level-up your Work from Home Space with these Cozy, Comfortable Products (source: Bedsure)

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Global company Bedsure highlights designed-for-comfort products to help professionals across the US get cozy while working from home.

Walnut, CA (PRUnderground) January 17th, 2022

Creating a Cozy Sanctuary Critical for Work From Home Professionals

As of the 15th of January, there were over 705,000 new COVID cases in the USA (7 day average). There have been numerous challenges associated with the virus, including the omicron variant. As a result, many people continue to work from home. As many continue to work from home – and as working from home has largely been a success for both employers and employees, making a home office be comfortable and productive is critical.

For at-home professionals who can “construct a comfortable work environment”, they can relieve the “amount of stress in their lives”. They can also make more time for family, friends and relaxation.

According to interior designer Rebecca Amir, residential clients of hers are “looking for womb-like sanctuaries – soft fabrics, plush seating, mood lighting — in lieu of traditional home office setups.” These work from home professionals “want to be cozy”, not just get their work done.

With this in mind, Bedsure has identified some key products that can support WFH professionals to feel comfortable and cozy when working from home.

Bedsure Long-Length Hoodie Blanket

For particularly cold days or for those who like to easily move around, a whole-body hooded blanket provides equal measures of warmth and comfort.

Bedsure offers this blanket to keep customers cozy and warm throughout winter and spring.

Made of 220 GSM of polyester fleece and 200 GSM of polyester Sherpa, Bedsure’s Long-Length Hoodie Blanket is soft, warm and durable.

A hood provides extra warmth for those cold morning starts, while the long length gives coverage from head to ankles. A button-up side slip makes the blanket hoodie easy to put on and take off.

Large pockets make for an easy hand warmer before using a keyboard, or a convenient storage place for packaged snacks, an extra pair of socks or a notebook and pen.

Bedsure Two-Tone Fuzzy Sherpa Blanket

Bedsure understands that those who work from home not only want a comfortable experience sitting at their desk, yet also want warmth and softness. The Two-Tone Fuzzy Sherpa Blanket has 300 GSM of thickness and weight to put over a desk chair, yet also a soft pile for a cozy hand feel.

Available in two sizes and either grey or beige, the blanket has a unique two-tone color. The thread tips are white and the backing is a darker hue, making for a striking, stylish design.

The blanket can be easily cleaned in a washing machine and is quick drying.

Bedsure Heating Pad

For those who experience back or neck pain from working at their desk too long, Bedsure has created a Heating Pad that is versatile enough for use while sitting at a desk.

The Heating Pad covers the shoulders up to the collar bones and goes all the way down the back.

It is made out of a soft faux fur polyester to provide comfort and coziness for those who work from home.

The Heating Pad comes with a clip across the front to keep it in place and heat flowing, even while working at a computer, talking on the phone or filing away paper.

6 heating settings and a 30-, 60- or 90-min timer allow for customization and personalization.

Bedsure Calming Dog Bed

Designed for WFH people who have dogs or large cats, this Calming Dog Bed has a donut shape. This is well suited for pets that like to curl up and get cozy.

Made from soft microfiber, the circular shape allows for flexibility with squeezing into small at-home offices, plus the circular sleeping shape that many pets love.

Available in four sizes, this pet bed is well suited for small and medium-sized dogs and small, medium and large-sized cats.

To meet the comfort needs of pets and cleanliness needs of pet owners, Bedsure has designed the bed to be machine washable.

Choice of a dark grey, camel or frost grey makes for a bed that can easily blend with existing interior design and decoration.

For more information about products for WFH people, click here.


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