Lifeboost Coffee Partners With Project Alianza To Build Schools And A Better Future For Children In Central America

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Lifeboost’s premium, healthy, and low acid coffee does more than fuel its customers, it also supports organizations like Project Alianza in Central America.

Burke, VA (PRUnderground) December 28th, 2022

Lifeboost is a coffee company seeking to make an impact on more than just your daily cup of joe.

With health in mind, they seek to bring their customers the cleanest cup of coffee possible. So, to achieve this, they sustainably grow single origin, specialty Arabica coffee beans high in the shaded rainforest mountains of Nicaragua.

No deforestation, no harmful chemicals, just delicious, clean, quality, low acid coffee that is good for your health. 

But, as they strive to bring you the cleanest, healthiest cup of coffee on the planet, Lifeboost also partners with various organizations and community groups in an effort to protect our planet and its resources, as well as to support education in rural communities.

One such partnership is an organization in Central America, Project Alianza. Project Alianza is an alliance of advocates building schools and providing educational programs to promote literacy and the skills children need to thrive beyond life on a coffee farm. 

The need for quality schools in these areas is paramount, as Lifeboost coffee is grown in very remote regions, places where even a first grade education can be a luxury. 

Many children living here find they must walk alone, nearly 2 hours round trip, on unsafe roads, just to get to and from school. 

Once there, these schools are often small rented rooms without desks or basic school supplies. And, in some cases, the structures used as school buildings are falling apart. Bathrooms aren’t always available, and as basic necessities like soap are generally lacking, areas to dispose of waste are completely unhygienic.

Thankfully, through the work of Project Alianza and contributions by companies such as Lifeboost Coffee, children are given access to safe, hygienic, quality places to learn, grow, and thrive. Devoted students are even provided with scholarships to continue their education. 

But, Project Alianza isn’t simply providing safe, hygienic buildings with stocked classrooms, and loving, knowledgeable teachers where students can come to learn, they’re providing children with an opportunity for a thriving future, one that breaks the cyclic chains of poverty and opens the doors of prosperity through education. 

Now, between 2023 and the end of 2025, Project Alianza is seeking to break records with plans to scale across 100 rural villages in Central America, reaching up to 50,000 children annually! 

Their goal is to raise $40k to further their mission of making quality education accessible to all of the children living in these regions, regardless of gender, location, or economic status. 

In response, Lifeboost decided to go above and beyond their normal financial partnership with Project Alianza, challenging its own wonderful community of coffee lovers to aid in this goal, as well as directly contributing $7k in order to add another school to be built in 2023. 

Lifeboost Coffee’s company mission can be summed up in their 4 pillars: clean, cause, community, and kindness. 

Growing, processing, roasting, and delivering clean coffee is only part of that mission. 

Giving back to worthy organizations, like Project Alianza, helping to build schools to enhance the communities where their coffee farmers live, is only one ripple of kindness spread through actions that support the causes Lifeboost Coffee strongly believes in. Lifeboost’s premium, healthy, and low acid coffee does more than fuel their customers, it also supports communities, the planet, and sustainable farming efforts around the world.

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