LifeLaw Seeks to End Stigma Around Christians Filing Personal Injury Lawsuits

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Utah accident attorney firm says too many Christians pay needlessly for others’ negligence due to misguided beliefs that suing violates religious teachings.

Sandy, UT (PRUnderground) March 27th, 2023

Christianity prizes self-sufficiency and forgiveness. As a result, many Christians feel conflicted about filing lawsuits. But the attorneys at LifeLaw, a personal injury law firm based in Utah, want to set the record straight. They have launched a campaign to inform Christians that seeking justice through civil lawsuits is not incompatible with Christianity.

“The Golden Rule and turning the cheek are indeed parts of Christianity, but so are personal accountability and justice,” said Matthew Johnson, Director of Litigation at LifeLaw. “It does not make you more Christian to allow someone to break rules without facing consequences.”

Through educational content on their personal injury attorney website, they are working to spread the word that filing a lawsuit does not mean failing to forgive. Rather, it can be an important step for recovering payment for medical bills, missed work, and diminished earning capacity — all of which not only affect the victim but can also place an unfair burden on their families. Filing a lawsuit can also serve as a deterrent to keep the negligent party from harming others in a similar way. This can apply to negligent drivers, employers who turn a blind eye to unsafe working conditions, medical workers who fail to provide competent care, etc.

LifeLaw feels their campaign is especially relevant in their home state of Utah, where there are over 2 million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“Lawsuits have been demonized by some in the LDS faith in the past, but this is starting to change, especially as people get wiser about the tactics of Big Insurance,” said Johnson. “You don’t have to be vindictive, but you don’t have to roll over and let your rights get trampled. People pay insurance companies to protect them when they make mistakes, and it is not wrong to expect the negligent party’s insurance company to do what they have been paid to do.”

Johnson said that his personal injury law firm will continue to publish content on the firm’s website to clear up misunderstandings among Christians in the greater Salt Lake City area and beyond.

LifeLaw helps protect the rights of victims of traffic accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, and wrongful death. To learn more about their efforts to educate Christians about their personal injury legal rights, visit

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LifeLaw is a personal injury firm located in Salt Lake City. They specialize in assisting injured people from accidents receive the benefits that they deserve. They are composed of experienced attorneys ready to step in and take care of their clients. 

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