Lighthouse Global Holdings, Inc (LHGI) announces intention to expand its acquisition and/or Joint Ventures with revenue generating companies in the ESG sectors in 2020.

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LIGHTHOUSE GLOBAL HOLDINGS, INC. (Ticker: LHGI), a Holdings Company for Tech Startups, is set to expand its acquisition target to include a range of revenue generating companies that have impact on the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) sector.

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) May 5th, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused millions to suffer and hundreds of thousands of companies around the world to face financial difficulties, except for some sectors. These sectors continue to grow and in fact, became more essential than ever. LHGI seems favored to be able to chance upon such opportunities.

“ESG Investing has gone from marginal to mainstream. The pace of change is accelerating. More and more investors are asking for new sustainably investing strategies. Most companies that we came across, in one way or another, have integrated values that will likely have an impact on the environment, social and governance aspects. We want to share the vision with them. We want to support companies who innovate or invent a product or service that embraces ESG as a factor and have an impact to the world we live in.” says Danny Lim.

“Henceforth, we shall begin our 2nd Quarter 2020 with an inclusion of our next phase of portfolio acquisition.” added Danny.

The awareness of the ESG investing is on the rise. With younger and socially conscious investors picking on companies who are socially responsible and care for the environment, and display transparency on companies’ management and accounting.

To demystify ESG, let us break down the acronym:

Environmental – the environmental factor simply illustrate a company’s impact on the world environment, climate changes, carbon footprint, water usage, waste, renewable energy, green technologies or products that are eco-friendly.

Social – having a social impact not only for good treatment for employees and ethical supply chain sourcing, but also the social justice issues; like the under priviledge, the disadvantaged and consumers.

Governance – Corporate governance issues matters to investors and shareholders. Especially when it comes to executive compensation, director appointments and shareholder proposals. As long as they are transparent in communicating with shareholders, the company will be held up in regards.

Danny further explained; “We have started discussing with a few companies the possiblity of acquiring or to do Joint Ventures, whichever is more appropriate or feasible. This time round, with the ESG in mind, we will seek companies that are already revenue generating. We want to streamline our selection to companies and founders who already has a ready growth market in their industry. LHGI will help them accelerate this growth.”

One example is a recent discussion with a Drone technology company in the Philippines.
Danny explains, “The drone market is full of wonderful technology and applications. However, it has not reach its peak of innovation. There are many new technologies that can be integrated into a drone. How the drone is being used is more important than what a drone can do. If you can integrate several applications into a drone and derive important data analytics, you would have achieve something significant.”

Danny was refering to a Drone company he is exploring with, is an integrated drone solutions registered in the Philippines and Singapore, and a Certified Drone Operator under Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). The drone company is a pioneer globally in adopting and utilizing industrial-grade and survey-grade Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones to perform aerial, ground, and hydro surveys by leveraging advanced technologies – Photogrammetry, LiDAR, multi-beam bathymetric sensors, Hi-Resolution Ground Penetrating Radar and exploration drilling, Thermal and Radio Frequency Testing among others. The drone market is not a new market and it is increasingly crowded. At least a thousand startups and big boys are in this competitive arena. Basically, a drone has unlimited applications though it is limited by its payload, flight time and utilities.

Some of the more established drone companies such as DJI, Parrot, Sensefly, Zipline, have their specific applications. Many are industrial drones that provide a niche service like aerial mapping, agricultural survey, Mining radar, thermal sensors, logistics, high altitude video and consumer entertainment. However, to integrate several applications into a drone is a mammoth task, with lots of obstacles to overcome. The company that can cater to several niches in the marketplace and does exceedingly well will score big.

Mark Villaflor, founder and CEO of the Drone Company commented; “Our discussion with Danny is very preliminary. More so to explore the future benefits when our company will need more funds to grow internationally and exponentially as demand comes in. Our strength is integrating several applications and providing the end-to-end solution including data analytics where many drones companies out there are incapable of.”

On top of that, during this time of crisis and lockdown, Mark’s company is doing pilot testing on the use of drones for public service announcement and to disinfect areas more efficiently and effectively using this company’s drones, especially in areas where trucks are not feasible.

Looks like Lighthouse Global will soon have a full plate going forward. Acquisitions or joint venture deals with companies that are revenue generating are now their priority. There are a lot of possibilities, risks and opportunities. What is more important is for Lighthouse Global to live up to its name of being a Unicorn Breeder and being ESG-minded. Can LHGI make any of these acquisitions or joint ventures a Unicorn? If they succeed, their shareholders will be in for a windfall. However, it will definitely take a lot of effort and sheer determination to reach there.

About Lighthouse Global Holdings, Inc.

Lighthouse Global Holdings, Inc. is a diversified holdings company that acquires emerging companies in key industries where rapid revenue growth and market share penetration are poised for significant gains or simply a joint venture. Our main focus is to acquire, nurture and partner with technology-driven startups to bring them to Nasdaq or any National Exchanges.

Our target companies must have revenue or a ready market, competent management teams with in-depth experience in their industry and have developed products or services that have a unique edge in their marketplace. Our evaluation matrix and consultant screening process help us filter hundreds of opportunities to effectively pick companies that can grow and evolve into high performing growth entities. In short, we hope to be one of the promising “Unicorn Breeder” in time to come.

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