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Lisa M Cannon, MD, Provides High-Ranking Site Filled with Health Advice

Industry: Healthcare

Individuals who wish to improve their health can take advantage of a recently released microsite by Lisa M. Cannon, MD, that has garnered numerous number-one rankings in recent months.

Wyckoff, NJ (PRUnderground) March 2nd, 2020

The popular website, which made its debut in October 2019, can be accessed at Since its release, the website has achieved several top rankings across today’s top search engines. In addition, a brand-new photo gallery was introduced on the website in February.

What the Website Offers                                                                     

On the website, Lisa M. Cannon, MD, offers a wide variety of tips for building healthy habits so that people can avoid having to rely on medicine to stay healthy. For example, readers can learn about how to follow the ketogenic diet, which is an excellent option for maintaining one’s weight. In fact, many individuals have used this high-fat and low-carb diet to treat specific conditions, according to Cannon.

The website also features an array of recipes designed for people who wish to stay healthy while still enjoying eating in a guilt-free way.

Cannon recently decided to also include a photo gallery on the website to inspire the site’s viewers to live healthier and happier lives through art. The photos in the gallery include shots of healthy foods, such as ramen. Readers can also spot a photo of a yoga pose as well as a photo of a tree-filled nature scene for their viewing pleasure.

Cannon currently operates a private practice in New Jersey, where she offers management, diagnostics, and treatment options for her patients. Her more than 15 years of medical field experience came after she earned a medical degree at New York Medical College and completed a fellowship at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

What the Website’s Blogs Offer

The popular healthy living website by Lisa M. Cannon, MD, also offers a number of up-to-date blogs regarding the latest developments in the health care field. For example, readers can discover the best tips for preparing their food safely.

Readers can also find out how to maximize their nighttime hours by getting proper amounts of rest on a daily basis. Meanwhile, other blogs cover topics such as how to deal with seasonal affective disorder, which stems from a lack of exposure to the sun.

Cannon’s chief goal with her currently in-demand website is to continue to inspire people to take better care of their bodies and minds so that they can enjoy a greater quality of life long term.

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