Liscombe Tree Service: The Self-Made Business That Has Become The Pride of St. Charles’s Community

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Liscombe Tree Service is the self-made business that has become a point of pride in St. Charles's community. Their tree care services are aimed to help homeowners maintain healthy trees and safe environments in their homes.

St. Charles, MO (PRUnderground) January 13th, 2023

St. Charles, MO- Liscombe Tree Service is a small, locally owned and operated company that provides expert tree care services inside their community. According to their website, they pride themselves in being a detail-oriented service that knows how to trim and remove trees with high safety standards. They state that taking proper care of one’s trees is important for the tree’s health, beauty, and surrounding environment.

Located in Harwing Road, the company was founded by Todd Liscombe in 2016. Still, its history started a few years earlier when he was only 18 years old. Fresh out of high school and with a new baby at home, Todd worked as a groundsman at a Commercial Utility Tree Company to provide for his family. He didn’t have a particular interest in trees at the time, but that changed three years later.

At this time, Todd had become an experienced journeyman foreman in charge of a crew. However, he wanted more for himself and his family, so he took all his savings and invested in a beat-up trailer and a chainsaw to do more work on the side. The now businessman states that many people advised him to settle with what he had or to search for other alternatives. However, Todd had a clear vision of his future and was committed to achieving it.

And that’s how, with hard work and determination, Liscombe Tree Service was finally able to lift from the ground. The company started as a two-person operation, and after more than six years on the market, it has become one of St. Charles’s points of pride because of Todd’s example of commitment and self superation.

According to Liscombe Tree Service’s website, their core values keep them moving forward. They claim to work with initiative,  integrity, and creativity while maintaining solid teamwork. They pride themselves in their growth and believe in finding lessons in every experience while positively impacting their community, going beyond tree trimming services.

Some of the company’s services include tree pruning, tree trimming, and tree removal. They provide stump grinding, land clearing, and green debris hauling services as well. Liscombe Tree Service is committed to offering excellent customer service, focusing on quality over quantity. They have earned a reputation that stands out in their clients’ reviews.

If you are looking for a local and friendly helping hand to perform tree pruning in St Charles or any other tree service, contact Liscombe Tree Service. They assure offering the best tree-trimming services in the area. With the combination of their years of experience and knowledge, they have been able to help many homes in St Charles stay green and beautiful. Call them today for more information or to set up an appointment!

About Liscombe Tree Service

Liscombe Tree Service provides professional tree services including tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding. They are a locally owned and operated company serving the St. Charles area, and we take great pride in doing excellent work.

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