LOCI Paves Way For Sustainable Fashion Using Renewable, Recyclable, and Biodegradable Materials

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Loci was born to champion sustainability in the fashion sector through use of innovative technology and recyclable materials

London, United Kingdom (PRUnderground) July 20th, 2020

LOCI, a sustainable fashion brand, is on a mission to inspire confidence through their look good and feel good line of footwear and sunglasses, all with an ethical and environmental slant. The company delves deep into what it means to protect and champion nature and the environment, more specifically in the fashion industry that accounts so much of the world’s waste.

Today’s current climate has given us so much to work with and innovate in order to help our lives and futures; however, with that comes a hefty and risky price of damaging the environment because of multi faceted factors involved in production and manufacturing across all industrial sectors. In the fashion sector specifically, fast fashion is increasingly becoming one of the most destructive and detrimental causes of climate change and environmental damages.

In our changing times, LOCI aims to leave lesser, more environmentally friendly footprints that will ultimately bring about lasting, positive impact in the world. With this in mind, the company passionately introduced their range of products to the market – from sunglasses to sneakers – all to seamlessly weave style and sustainability into people’s lives.

Moreover, their sneakers and sunglasses are carefully crafted with recycled, renewable, and biodegradable materials. Their popular Sevens sneakers are made with 78 percent recycled plastic bottles, 100 percent recycled PU, and 52 percent recycled EVA sole and 100 percent recycled foam insole while their Eight sneakers are made with 50 percent Merino wool. On the other side, their sunglass collection is all made from a 11-layer bamboo with a veneer finish.

LOCI believes that it shouldn’t be a choice between looking great and feeling great. The sneakers are slick, made with 3D-knit technology using ultra-smooth plastic yarn that anyone will covet. Using modern processes like 3D printing and molding, they have been able to cut down wasteful processes using exactly what is needed and nothing more for every item the company produces.

At LOCI, sustainable style is the future. It encourages its audience and customers to connect with its products on a deeper level, helping them engage and embrace its vision and values. All the materials are carefully sourced from different parts of the world in order to maintain the highest standards for sustainable, responsible, and ethical manufacturing.

LOCI emphasizes its stand on reviewing every business decision with a zero waste mentality. While the road towards long-term change is long, the team is excited to explore and to continue developing products that transform eco-friendly materials into stylish, high quality fashion items that enrich people’s lives. Learn more about the company at https://www.lociwear.com.

About LOCI

LOCI is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that focuses on transforming natural and reusable materials to high-quality products.

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