Logical Operations’ Python Updates Support Exponential Growth in Python BI Use Worldwide

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There are 100,000+ jobs on Indeed requiring Python® experience. To support the exploding demand for Python skills, Logical Operations launched two Python courses.

Rochester, NY (PRUnderground) August 24th, 2021

With 100,000+ jobs on Indeed requiring Python® experience, it’s clear this is a sought-after skillset, especially in the Business Intelligence arena. To support the exploding training demand, Logical Operations recently launched Introduction to Programming with Python® and Advanced Programming Techniques with Python®. These are updated versions of predecessors Python® Programming: Introduction and Python® Programming: Advanced.

“Business professionals who have used Microsoft Excel in the past are now crossing over into programming for business intelligence,” explains Brian Wilson, Senior Instructional Designer at Logical Operations. “That is one of the big drivers behind Python’s popularity. Python becomes a business analysis tool and enables users to create charts, data tables, and more.”

“Python is the key technical tool that unlocks the professional practice of Data Science. Training centers that don’t already have Python training on their schedules are adding it and tapping into today’s hottest area of skills growth,” furthers Nancy Curtis, VP Content Development at Logical Operations. “Individuals that recognize the value of benchmarking their knowledge are increasingly taking things one step further, seeking out Python certifications, which transparently communicates to existing or new employers that they have genuine skills to excel in the world of Big Data, which is the first step towards in demand Data Science and Artificial Intelligence competencies amongst others,” adds James Varnham, Managing Director of Logical Operations EMEA/IN/ANZ. “To support students on this path, Logical Operations’ new Python curriculum was designed to map strongly to key industry certifications — PCEP and PCAP — offered by The Python Institute.”

Students that acquire Python skills often seek to further validate their knowledge with more advanced certifications, such as CertNexus Certified Data Science Practitioner (CDSP) or CertNexus Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner (CAIP), which are also offered by Logical Operations.  “Hiring managers often receive hundreds of applications for Data Science roles,” explains Diana Valenti, Product Category Manager at Logical Operations. “Data Science certifications and Python expertise boost a candidate’s resume and get them shortlisted to the top of the candidate pool.”

The key additions for the Introductory course include updating the Python interpreter and IDE, focusing on a single project and starting with a tour of the finished work, and providing code snippets as an alternative to typing out code examples. In addition to updating the interpreter and IDE, and refreshing the graphics, key changes for the Advanced course include introducing object-oriented programming conceptually before coding, switching from SQLite to MySQL™, and adding new topics on web service-connected apps and programming Python for Data Science.

Python is an integral part of any Data Scientist’s toolkit. Discover Logical Operations’ full Data Science track, including the latest in Python training, by visiting https://logicaloperations.com/data-science-learning-path/.

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