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4 Business Cyber Security Tips to Keep in Mind so users can do more to avoid potential security risks.

London, UK (PRUnderground) November 12th, 2022

Cyber-attacks are common and often under-reported threats for businesses, both big and small. And the more your business relies on digital files and user data to function, the more vulnerable you are to some of the most common attacks.

As one of the most vibrant cities in the world, London is also prone to cyber security risks. The sheer quantity of individuals and corporations here always increases the chances of nefarious attacks. As IT specialists, London-based support firm HTL.London provides many individuals and companies with targeted IT assistance.

One of the primary areas of concern is fighting back against potential security risks. Here are some tips from the HTL team that can help protect your business from some of the most common attacks that happen today. Pay attention to the following issues, as they are flagged up as regular headaches by those currently operating within the IT security industry. A failure to address one or more of the following problems could lead to a higher risk of cyber attacks.

1 – Keep all devices updated

It’s not uncommon for users to ignore and postpone critical security updates on their devices. That is a bad idea in general, but it becomes an even bigger problem when said device has access to your business network.

Security updates are meant to patch security flaws in different systems. The problem is that bad actors can easily check those security updates to figure out the defect and then use that information to attack devices that haven’t been updated yet.

By broadcasting those flaws, security updates make devices that skip the updates even more vulnerable than they were before. It is smart to install updates on your business devices as soon as they are released — or at least as quickly as possible.

2 – Manage access permissions

Each organization member should only have as much access as necessary when dealing with your corporate files. You want to ensure that if someone hacks the email of the person who works at your front desk, that email account won’t have permission to delete all the files in your business cloud.

Many enterprise solutions will come with permission management options built-in. But if that is something your company lacks, you can set it up with the help of an IT support service provider. Setting up permissions also makes it easier to build more layers of protection around the accounts that have more important permissions.

3 – Keep important files backed up

Many types of cyber attacks involve deleting business files, something that is often done as an act of sabotage or as a prelude to a ransomware attack. Keeping backups of all your critical files can help protect your company from these and other kinds of cyber attacks, all while also helping protect against mechanical problems and other potential causes of information loss.

4 – Run phishing drills

Phishing attacks rely on contacting members of your team in the hopes of convincing them to click malicious links or leak critical information. This is often done through email, although attacks through Slack and other messaging apps occur these days. Phishers will often impersonate members of your team or pretend to hold a position of authority to earn the trust of their marks.

While spam filters have made this kind of attack harder to pull off over the years, they are still a problem. And 90% of phishing attacks can be prevented by training your team and running regular drills to ensure people are careful when using their business emails and messaging apps.

Phishing drills involve sending fake phishing attempts to your team members to see who takes the bait. Doing this 2 – 3 times a year is a good way to ensure your team is careful when talking to people outside your organization.

Are you looking for reliable IT support?

HTL has provided IT support across London and far beyond for years. Those looking for specific and targeted IT support to help alleviate cyber security issues should reach out as soon as possible. The sooner the problem is dealt with, the easier it is to move on and continue working as normal.

With long-term experience in cyber security and IT support, HTL can ensure you get all the assistance you need. This means that IT cyber security issues can be overcome, and you can get back to normality when it comes to running and managing your business.

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