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Lostakey Report Rise in Key Cover Sales Despite Competing New Products

Industry: Home & Residential

Lostakey report a rise in private sales for their lost key recovery service, despite the launch of new products for finding lost property based on more modern technology

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) October 28th, 2013

Established in 2009, Lostakey provides a recovery service for lost keys. The business uses chrome, metal key fobs with instructions of what to do if the keys are found engraved on the key fob. Each one has a unique membership number, allowing Lostakey to contact the owner of the found keys. A reward is given to the finder (assuming the membership is valid).

Recent hype about new products such as mobile apps helping to trace lost property do not seem to have affected Lostakey’s sales. In fact, the company reports a rise in private sales of key cover (memberships sold directly to the customer).

With over a decade of experience in the lost property market, Director of Lostakey, Sarah Hind comments, ‘We were initially worried about keeping up with technology. Mobile apps can now help to trace property that is tagged, but there are flaws in most areas of technology and many people prefer to stick to traditional methods. Some mobile apps rely on the surrounding people having the app downloaded, and anyway, if you have lost your keys do you really want to be wandering round trying to follow the signal on the phone?

With our service we contact the owner of the keys and give them the details of the finder so there is no time lost in hunting your keys down or sending them to a PO Box. Often you have only just lost them (in fact, many customers don’t even realise they’ve lost them) and you can contact the finder and arrange to pick them up immediately. We give the finder a reward to you have nothing further to do.’

The cost of replacing keys can be extremely expensive these days with computer chips in many car keys. In the case of home or office keys being lost, locks are often replaced too. The cost of Lostakey’s service is just £5 per year.

So, a traditional, simple way to get your keys back, but does it work?

Sarah Hind answers ‘Yes – it has been proven to be a very successful service over the years. People are often surprised at how honest their fellow compatriots are, but it is true that the majority of people want to help. They also have the incentive of a reward, but most finders are genuinely happy to be doing a good deed. Keys are known to be one of the most difficult items to reunite with their owners through lost property offices and police stations, so our key cover really can make a difference.’


About Lostakey Limited

Established in 2009, Lostakey offers key cover for only £5 per year. Avoid the unnecessary cost and stress of replacing lost keys with our lost key recovery service.

Our stylish chrome key fobs with our lost key recovery message can also be branded for corporate use as promotional gifts.

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