Lumary Changes the Game Again with New Product Slated to Affordably Make Lighting a Luxury Lifestyle

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Smart lighting from a game-changing company creates more than ambiance with doable luxury at the fingertips.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) August 24th, 2021

Poised to make the lighting revolution cost-effective, Lumary has a new bright idea. Enter their newest smart ceiling light now in production. Modern in esthetic, the unassuming light is composed of three different lamp beads to control color, color temperature, and brightness all in one. No stranger to innovative ideas, Lumary is a consumer favorite for carrying the quality of Phillips with a significantly reduced price tag. A leader in their own right for smart recessed lighting that redefines quality, design, and functionality for every consumer regardless of budget, Lumary has most definitely come to play.

With a color palette of sixteen million colors to light a room, products of note remain the Six-inch Smart Canless Recessed Lights. Easy to install, the smart lights not only offer a plethora of colors to illuminate, but they also offer a wide range of color temperatures, supporting warm white and cool white from 2700K to 6500K. Conveniently, with 25,000 hours of use, the LED recessed lighting will switch on and off automatically through any shared device. The lights can be grouped or controlled independently through the Lumary app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. So, basically, with a simple voice command, the lighting world is the user’s oyster.

With this mindset, think of creating a personal timetable. When falling asleep or waking up, allow smart lighting to automatically adjust to a relaxing light that slowly goes out or comes on gradually. It will simulate sunrise and sunset to achieve biorhythm function.

Now think of creating another type of immersive experience. Pick a tune, movie, or game sound and watch the smart recessed lights automatically flash and change color with the rhythm. Yes, the lighting retrofit will even dance and change colors with their Music Sync feature.

And to think, with an ultra-thin body, no flicker, no hub, silent 1% to 100% smooth dimming, this four-piece set is sold for a nominal $129.99. How’s that for soffit lighting ideas?

Jack Smith, a manager at Lumary, said, “In terms of smart downlights, apart from Philips, there is nothing better than us. We’re committed to the application of the Internet of Things technology to realize the revolution of lighting. Home lighting should be interesting and intelligent, so it can seamlessly interact with people. We’re a smart home brand that everyone can afford, and it’s easy to use.”

In two years, Lumary has completed the development and mass production of a smart LED bulb series, smart light switch series, smart in-wall outlet series, smart hub, smart LED strip series, smart garage door opener, UVC light series.

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Jack Smith

Manager, Lumary


About Lumary

Lumary is a smart lighting company that has accumulated more than 400 patents in the smart home field.

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