LV Performance Introduces Great Gut – Probiotics for Horses

Industry: Pets, a leader in Horse Supplements Online, has developed a probiotic specifically made for horses that will strengthen the digestive system of your equine.

Wellington, FL (PRUnderground) September 14th, 2015

LVPerformance has introduced Great Gut, a probiotic specifically for horses that aims at strengthening your horse’s digestive system. These equine specific probiotic supplements will ensure that your beloved horses intestinal and digestive tracts will stay healthy and free of disease.

According to scientific studies, humans, horses, and animals have a large amount of beneficial bacteria and yeast inside their body. In previous times, horses were able to graze out in the open fields, thereby ingesting a wide variety of microorganisms that kept their gut healthy. In today’s times these animals do not have the same opportunity to indulge in nature’s finest selection of medicinal herbs and plants. has come up with a smart way of providing your horse the essential probiotics that will make them less vulnerable to equine related diseases. Veterinary Scientists have discovered that probiotics for horses are immensely helpful in improving the balance of intestinal bacteria and in effective breakdown of fiber, protein, fats and starches. As a result, horses will have regular bowel movements with increased protection of the intestinal epithelium and enhanced ability to produce B vitamins inside their bodies.

Equine-Horse-Gastro-Solution.jpegEvidence suggests that probiotics are immensely helpful for horses that have been prescribed antibiotics. Horses suffering from diarrhea and other chronic diseases of the intestine will also benefit from probiotics. Additionally, newborn foals, horses prone to allergies, highly active and geriatric horses should also be given the Great Gut Equine Probiotics to improve their health.

Hard Keepers have also shown considerable improvement after being put on the Great Gut probiotic therapy. These are the horses that do not put on weight easily. With the help of Great Gut Equine Probiotic Horse Supplement, putting on a healthy amount of weight is no issue at all.

The composition of the Great Gut Equine Probiotic product provides high levels of probiotics (no less than 1 billion CFU’s per 2 oz. serving) to help keep your horse’s digestive tract healthy and balanced. The product includes two specific equine strains –Lactobacillus fermentum and Lactobacillus salivarius – along with two hearty strains – Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus plantarum. Combined together, these nutrients boost the immunity of the horses and make them stronger. By far, the probiotics and nutritional supplements provided by LVPerformance is the best according to many horse breeders and veterinaries.

LVPerfomance has seen results in most horses within 3 to 5 days of administering one ounce per day in the grain.  Results vary from the prevention of colic, weight gain, healthier coat, better eating habits, better water intake, and overall health and appearance of horses.  For horses that have been under stress or recent antibiotics a “loading phase” of two ounces per day has shown to even greater effects.  LVPerformance does recommend the “loading phase” only last a maximum of two weeks.

The company advises that care should be taken in the storage of the Great Gut Equine Probiotic product as it consists of live organisms. The organisms are so active that LVPerformance has found it necessary to allow the bottles to “breathe” prior to shipping.  (This is normal due to the fermentation of the yeast.) However, unlike most probiotics this does not have the need for refrigeration.  LVPerformance suggest room temperature for optimal storage results.

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At LVPerformance, horses are more than just animals. LVPerformance has a strong passion for horses, treating them like family. LVPerformance believes in feeling the free spirit of the horses and helping them thrive.

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