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Mack Prioleau, Vinyl Record Collector, Featured in Baltimore Post Examiner

Industry: Entertainment & Games

Vinyl collector Mack Prioleau was recently featured in the Baltimore Post Examiner in recognition of his outstanding passion for playing records -- a dying art and science in today’s increasingly digital world.

Baltimore, MD (PRUnderground) October 10th, 2019

In the Baltimore Post Examiner, a friend of Mack Prioleau, shared how Prioleau was passionate about purchasing vinyl records during his college years. During this period, Prioleau’s friend was not passionate about vinyl records, but Prioleau eventually convinced him to start collecting these records, and this inspired him to jump into this new hobby.

Today, Prioleau and his friend continue to shop for records together. The challenge today, though, is that many more individuals are interested in vinyl, and as a result, finding vinyl record bargains has become more challenging. Still, both Prioleau and his friend get a thrill out of the hobby and are encouraging more people to tap into it, according to the Baltimore Post Examiner.

In the news piece, Prioleau’s friend emphasized that playing records requires much more care than simply playing sons on a smartphone app. After all, record owners must handle the records with care, and they must also know how to situate them on a turntable. However, according to Prioleau, the extra effort required to listen to a record makes this activity more dramatic and special. For this reason, Prioleau and his friend view it as a lost art that would be worth bringing back in full force.

Another major benefit of playing records is that the listener is encouraged to hear the entire album versus hopping from one song to another. From Mack Prioleau’s vantage point, according to the Baltimore Post Examiner, listening an album is like a reading an entire book. Hearing the full record allows the listener to get a full grasp of what the artist was trying to portray, as s a result, the listener may develop a greater appreciation of the work. Prioleau’s friend said he hopes that the recent Baltimore Post Examiner post will inspire more people to embrace going back in time to add value to the present.

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