Mad Mind Studios Offers Logo and Branding Services to Cannabis Companies

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Mad Mind Studios has recently partnered with up-and-coming cannabis brands such as Kickback and Cannatonic to design their logos and packaging.

Los Angeles, California (PRUnderground) August 15th, 2019

Mad Mind Studios, a Los Angeles-based marketing agency, is offering CBD logo design and branding services to CBD companies focused on building their brand. The agency is run by a team of experts working to create branding and marketing strategies within every industry, and has helped many entrepreneurs build their brand from the ground up. Mad Mind Studios has recently partnered with up-and-coming cannabis brands such as Kickback and Cannatonic

Omid Mousaei, CEO of Mad Mind Studios, has been helping cannabis companies since the industry started seeing major growth in recent years. “CBD is changing the wellness industry,” says Mousaei. “We want to create unique custom designs that reflect each products’ benefits, and represent the innovative companies that are producing them.”

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry is booming in sales after several states have fully legalized it, while CBD is legalized in all fifty states. Everyone is searching for the latest new cannabis trends from CBD tinctures to cannabis-infused jawbreakers. The product selection and their benefits are limitless, which is why cannabis companies are making it a priority to link with marketing agencies like Mad Mind Studios to establish their brand.

Creating a stand-out logo is the first step for getting a cannabis company started online or in stores. Mad Mind Studios works with their partners to embody a brand’s story and message in the logo. The font, colors, and imagery are all carefully considered to create a unique logo for each CBD company.

Building the rest of a cannabis brand involves creating a brand voice that is used across all branding materials, including packaging, business cards, signs, flyers, and brochures. Mad Mind Studios helped CBD brand Cannatonic design a versatile logo that is easily recognized across all of their CBD tinctures, CBD pet tincture, and CBD capsule packaging.

“Solidifying your cannabis company’s logo and branding is the first step in building a successful company,” says Mousaei. “Combine that with a functional ecommerce website and strategic marketing campaign, and you have a recipe for success.”

Mad Mind Studios is available for CBD branding projects, logo design, packaging design, labels, and graphic design. They also offer digital marketing and website design services for companies looking to expand their visibility and boost sales. Reach out to Mad Mind Studios for a free consultation at, or visit to learn more about their services.

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Mad Mind Studios is a Los Angeles digital marketing, branding and web design agency that helps small, medium and large businesses achieve higher growth.

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