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Mage Omega by Greg Jacobs helps to improve the digital marketing skills of all and sundry with or without prior knowledge in the field.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) September 6th, 2017

Long time ago, commerce was only signified as part of field marketing and physical businesses with a market presence. Recently, however, the trends have taken a flip in the favor of the online business. It is here that e-commerce has grown into prominence and takes a dominating posture in the business world. Several physical businesses have even closed to curb the costs and have started to develop an online presence instead. But while all that is trending and happening, it is essential to know the tricks of the e-trade because otherwise all things online become a tough nut to crack. One comprehensive solution to this problem is the Mage Omega.

This is a complete rapid deployment single product sales funnel training program that helps a person to get ready to be successful in the e-commerce world. The program helps one to explore the limits of Internet marketing to get maximum success with minimum efforts. It has been developed by an expert so that all the information provided and training extended is based on solid knowledge and incredible experience, which make this program an effective training plan. 

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Mage Omega helps to improve the digital marketing skills of all and sundry with or without prior knowledge in the field. The program explains things from scratch and takes it to the explanation of all the apex problems in e-marketing. The focus of the program is on selling products online with substantial success and a-z coverage of digital marketing. Drop shopping is all explored. 

The target demographics of this program are people from all backgrounds and at various skill levels. Both amateurs and pros at e-commerce can reap the benefits of this program. 

Greg Jacobs is the professional behind this program. He has established himself as a millionaire by selling online products. Presently, he has three mega online stores on Shopify and one on WooCommerce. His experience and expertise in the field is immense, which makes this program worth the investment. 

The Need for this Program

Before jumping into the bandwagon of digital marketing and e-commerce, a person may think that it is as simple as running social media accounts. This is, however, is poles apart from such a simplification of the e-business. The efforts and strategies needed in running such a business are equivalent to those needed in running a ground business. There is need for effective study, plenty of knowledge, and enough training to be able to make profits. 

The Mage Omega is an efficient program that trains properly to drive profits instead of extracting money for nothing. A person needs to only avail this program for learning all about online marketing instead of going here and there and getting trapped in any scam course. 

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This program trains one beyond just selecting their business niche and product. It helps a person to run the business efficiently and makes some actual profit. It not only assists a person to start an online program but also guide in making it a successful one. 

The program is best for beginners, as the content of the program is of copy-paste nature, which makes it extremely easy to get a business up and running. 

Areas of Focus

Mage Omega focuses on several areas of e-commerce. It emphasizes on digital advertisements, tricks to make and maximize profits, ways to attract potential target audience for optimum engagement, leads, and sales. The program is a how-to guide on the complete information about online marketing. 

The program also covers drop shopping that one of the four most common methods of getting goods. In a nutshell, it is a comprehensive plan that effectively covers up all the important aspects of e-commerce. 

Master Funnel Programs and Mage Omega Bonus

There are four master funnel programs under the Mage Omega training course that a person can choose from. An overview of each of the plan is present below:

Master Funnel 1:

This program is also known as the Retail Multi-Unit Pricing Matrix and consists of four components that are: 

  • DONE FOR YOU Niche Product Selection and Research
  • RMU Master Funnel Template 
  • Turnkey Fulfillment Dropshipping Options that offer at least 300% profit on every sale
  • DONE FOR YOU Ad Selection and Targeting

The funnel helps a person to understand the template through visuals and templates. Videos and PDF guides are also available to facilitate further grip on the topic. The Master Funnel Template is fully explained and is also easy to implement.

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Master Funnel #2:

This funnel is also known as The Free PLUS Shipping Model. It consists of the following 


  • DONE FOR YOU Niche Product Selection and Research
  • DONE FOR YOU Ad Selection and Targeting
  • FS Master Funnel Template
  • Turnkey Fulfillment Dropshipping Options that give a minimum of 300% profit on every sale

All the hard work is already baked and prepared for the users of this model. The only thing that a person needs to do is copy and paste the template for a new product. The template is also learned in detail

Master Funnel #3:

The third template is the Mage Viral and it comprises of:

  • DONE FOR YOU Niche Product Selection and Research
  • Turnkey Fulfillment Dropshipping Options that are sure to give at least 300% profit on every sale
  • DONE FOR YOU Ad Selection and Targeting
  • MV Master Funnel Template

This template is also a ready-made model that needs to be copy and pasted with replacing product. Further details are covered by the videos and PDF documents. 

Master Funnel #4:

This funnel is also known as Funded Today and it contains the following components: 

  • DONE FOR YOU Ad Selection and Targeting
  • Turnkey Fulfillment Dropshipping Options that offer 300% profit at least on every sale
  • FT Master Funnel Template
  • DONE FOR YOU Niche Product Selection and Research

It is also a copy and paste template that is further explained text content and videos. 

Final Verdict 

Mage Omega is a great teaching program that guides a person through the thicks and thins of Internet Marketing. It teaches all about digital marketing and online businesses to make them succelful and earn good profits. 

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Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Results may not be typical nor expected for every person. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational-purposes only. Your results are not guaranteed.

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